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Please choose your Real LP Range when you order. For the customers whose LP is under 10,please choose to purchase Win Boosting. This service is only available for NA, EUW, EUNE, Brazil, Russia! and Oceanic!

Please choose your Real LP Range when you order. For the customers whose LP is under 10, please choose to purchase Win Boosting.

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    League of Legends S4 is probably the most difficult to play the jungle. Been Seino, top and mid scolded Why do not you come gank, it will not clear the jungle was the opposite in turn attacked, S4 jun

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  • League of Legends Key to Victory is S4 Team Vision Control

    In the league of LegendsS4 version, we had the vision mechanism is completely familiar with subversion, 400 disappeared, and the price is not really invisible eye, increasing the seventh frame jewelry

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  • League of LegendsS4 Preseason Arrival

    League of Legends (LOL) China Service today officially ushered in the preseason S4 version, the game updated to the latest version, this alteration is also one of the biggest changes this year.

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  • League of Legends S3 Classic Ward Art Review

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  • nee***** 05:28)

    Buy Division from platinum1 LP:0 LPG:16 to diamond5

  • con***** 18:30)

    Buy Division from bronze4 LP:55 LPG:15 to bronze3

  • fas***** 18:25)

    Buy Division from bronze4 LP:55 LPG:16 to bronze3

  • new***** 09:40)

    Buy Division from silver5 LP:25 LPG:18 to silver4

  • con***** 04:09)

    Buy Division from silver2 LP:4 LPG:20 to gold5

  • noy***** 06:59)

    Buy Division from silver4 LP:11 LPG:20 to silver3

  • key***** 06:42)

    Buy Division from bronze3 LP:0 LPG:0 to platinum5

  • geo***** 13:17)

    Buy Division from silver1 LP:100 LPG:15 to gold5

  • geo***** 13:15)

    Buy Division from silver1 LP:100 LPG:15 to gold5

  • lan***** 04:02)

    Buy Division from diamond5 LP:0 LPG:15 to diamond4


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