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Professional League of Legends Coaching
Here you can see our currently available coaches, most of them are diamond players.
If you want know more about them or place orders, just click to enter into their profile page!
Why should you buy Coaching?

Playing is nice, but winning is more fun. Getting someone stronger than you to teach you the game will make you improve faster than anything else.

Individual Coaching. When you buy a coaching, this lesson is given to you and you only. Your coach will make his maximum to identify and fix the mistakes that you always do.
Train what you like. If you only want to improve for a certain role, it's no problem, just pick a coach who is specialised in your favorite role.
In your Language. We have coaches from anywhere around the globe, so if your English is not too good and you are afraid of not understanding what your coach tells you, be sure to pick a coach who can speak your language.
Pick your time. You are free to decide with your coach when you want to get your coaching, and we will not force you anything.

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