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About Me

Hi there! =)
My name is Johno! I'm very enthusiastic about teaching League of Legends to players of all skill levels and will always go the extra mile for my students. I have excellent communication skills and extensive experience in coaching RTS, Fighting Games, and League of Legends. I coach for a living (while attending college) so make no mistake; I am more committed than anyone to making sure you are beyond satisfied with your lesson.
-I teach all roles, but enjoy bot lane the most-

Every lesson will be tailored to fit the student(s).
(I recommend 2 hrs for a lesson)

Key Aspects of my Coaching ~
Optimization of Runes/Masteries/Builds
In game evaluation and on the spot tips.
Critical examination of mechanics and solutions to trouble areas.
Post game review and replay analysis.
Everything you need to know about SoloQ!
Exercises! The 'how' behind becoming a better gamer.
~ I also provide follow up Q&A! I understand that coaching sessions are short and its easy to forget questions you might've had stored up. Don't worry, I'll provide a post lesson ask me anything service. =)
The lesson will be jam packed with only the best constructive criticism and scrutiny that will improve your game.
*The short and simple of it is: I will go the extra mile for you.*

a bit about me
- Your boy is looking for a team! I've made it from Dia5 to Dia1 in just 2 months! ty for your support guys!
- Placed 3rd at Go4LoL as ADC for Team: Fresh Udon. =)
- Placed 2nd at GameBreakerz Lan.
- (5pm-8pm PST)
- I was Gold season one, Plat season two, and now Diamond 1 in season three.
Believe me, I have a good understanding of this game from the ground up. There are a ton of tips that I can provide to help you progress quickly,... as well as solid advice that along with hard work will help you become a stronger player for the long run.

summoner: goombastompin
Skype: goombastompinlol

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