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    About Me

    About Me:
    1) As said before, my name is Daniel, and I am 20 years old.
    2) I'm from Texas, born and raised. No, I don't have an awful accent :P
    3) I am available to coach on both NA and EUW!
    4) I like to talk to people, and lessons are a lot of fun for me! I think the people I have taught enjoy them just as much. (:
    5) This is what I do for a living while going to school! Make no mistake, I am very interested in your lesson!

    Ranked Stats:
    Disclaimer: my ranked stats change quite a bit- the life of a support main ;)
    Season 1: Bronze, somewhere around 1200
    Season 2: Plat, 1945 I think? The memory banks are lacking.
    Season 3: DII 100 points highest rating.
    I have personally climbed the ladder from bronze to diamond as a support main. I know its hard, and I know that sometimes you just wanna give up, but DON'T! All it takes is some guidance and practice.

    Planning the Lesson:
    So I have found that one of the most troublesome things about buying a lesson is that the student doesn't feel like their lesson matters. Nah, that's not how I roll. This is indeed what I am doing for income, and I enjoy it quite a bit as well! You can add me on skype and make sure I am the guy you want to have teach you. As soon as you order a lesson, I find a time for us to meet again and have it! I have a calendar and everything- and you go onto it immediately. Very rarely do I change a lesson time, and it would only be because something out of my control came up IRL. You are important to me. You spent money to have me teach you. Therefore, I will give you back everything that I can.

    The Lesson:
    The lesson will start with me finding out exactly what role you want to play, how you like to play, and the champions you enjoy. Then I will look into your runes and masteries to give you suggestions on what I think could be better. From there, we duo queue, either ranked or normal draft, and we talk about the things you do right, and the things you make mistakes on! The rest of the lesson is pretty much influenced by what I see you need to work on, and we will make it better. I have had many people message me A COUPLE HOURS after a lesson and tell me they have been on a win streak ever since and are seeing the weakness in their opponent's play now!!!

    Team Coaching:
    Do you have a team that you would like to have coached? I have played in many tournaments and many high elo teams and have a good concept of how to drive a team to a victory. I can spectate your games, either through a stream one of you have going, or you can give me a LoL Replay file and we can all sit and watch the game together as I go over what could have been different/what went well for your team. Objectives, timing, trading, preemptive play, baiting, all of that good stuff- I can guide your team to that sweet sweet victory screen.

    My Blogs Articles:
    Timers, and how to use them: My experience with getting to diamond: **NEWEST BLOG** Match Ups and Combos:

    My Skype:

    Have a question about lessons or availability? Add me on skype at Bringdanielthehorizon

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