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    About Me

    Quick profile Age: 22 years old Residence: Budapest Languages: English, Hungarian Servers played: NA, EUW, EUNE Availabilty: Most of the times! Skype: kis.krisztian_worgy Ranked profile
    Season1: finished Gold in team, didn't play solo
    Season2: 2150 Platinum, just barely missed Diamond
    Season3: currently in Diamond II, working my way even higher
    I have experienced a lot of games in different ELO, since i am also helping friends to go higher, so basicly i can give you advice wich champion to pick, according to your current level.
    Coaching sessions
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    Order 7 hours and get 2 for free
    In our sessions first of all i ask you some question about your playstyle. We then think of a plan, how to improve your gameplay, and wich champions should be played by you. I usually spend some time with theoretical training, to make you understand the runes and masteries. After that, we get into some gameplay. Playing duo or watching replays, it is your call.
    Jungle(main role)
    Since i started the game, i found jungling the most interesting role of all, so i decided that i will master it some day. I think you have the most influence on the game and an effective jungler knows the mind-games and can easily trick and bait the enemy team. I will teach you, how to think with your opponents head, how to counterjungle , gank, outlevel the enemy jungler, and carry your team to victory. It is really important to know, wich jungler is capable of soloing objectives, so we will go deep into it, durring the traning.
    Jungling and supporting has a lot in common. If you check the tanky junglers, you mostly buy similar item build to the supports. Usually your role is the same as well, to protect the carries or initiate. Since i have quite much experience in the jungle, it is easy for me to help you with your ward placement, i can teach you how to sense the enemy junglers pressence, and how to follow up or bait a gank. ADC
    The most important thing in League of Legends is positioning. ADC role is all about it. If you buy ADC session, i will teach you the tricks of trades, orbwalking, effective positioning and how to carry your whole team even in 1v9 situation. We will get into item builds, masteries, counterpicking, and everything you could ask.
    Contant info

    -skype: kis.krisztian_worgy

    Don't hesitate to add me anytime if you have questions!

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