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    About Me

    My Gaming Background
    I got my start in competitive gaming in the FPS genre where I played MOH:AA professionally. As that game's popularity began to dwindle I made the switch to BF2 where I was again sponsored and attended tournaments all around the US. I branched out to the MMORPG genre and began playing WOW. Although I never made it to the professional level, I still achieved relative success by attaining rank 1 titles.Â
    This brings us to most recently, League of Legends. I started playing league casually with friends in the middle of season 2. Towards the end I decided to dedicate myself to becoming good at the game and climbing the ladder. I finished season 2 at platinum and easily climbed to diamond early in s3.Â
    I can offer you something many other coaches can't. I've been in your shoes. I've changed games multiple times and I've sucked at every single one when I started playing. Yet, every game that I seriously dedicated myself to improving at I succeeded at reaching the highest tiers of play, making it into the .1 percentile. If you want, I will share with you my mindset and techniques on how I go about improving in completely different genres so quickly.Â

    I like to personalize my lessons based on what you want to learn. We can discuss anything and everything. Including masteries, lane matchups, objective control, champions specifics, role specifics, replay analysis, spectated game analysis, and general elo gaining tips. I won't quit till any possible question you have is answered and you come away with the feeling that you can go out and conquer the solo q ladder with your new found knowledge.Â

    Â You can add me in game or skype if you have any questions. "Skillbie" is the addy for both. Feel free to ask me anything.

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