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    Quick One

    About Me

    Hey! :-)
    My name is Piotr, and I am well-known as 'obi'. Currently my nickname is 'ENDRIU GOLARA' as I did transfer to EUNE and 'obi' was taken. I am Polish player, who scored platinum in S1 (1910 ELO) and platinum in S2 (2104 ELO). Currently I am 2500 [DIAMOND II] ELO in S3 and growing!

    I have been playing League of Legends since June 2010. I main jungle, but that doesn't mean I can't play and give you advice on other roles!
    I am highly skilled in game mechanics. My strong side is counter-jungling. I'll teach you how to do it effectively and how to not fall behind while doing it. I'll teach you how to gank properly. Basically, everything a good jungler/player should keep in mind!

    I'll give you best tips on how to gain elo in solo queue. My main junglers are Shaco (400+ games!), Olaf, Dr. Mundo and Cho'Gath. In S3 I've started playing Vi, Xin Zhao and Volibear. I have also got knowledge about every other jungler.
    In 2011 I've participated (as a team) in a few GOPL4LOL's where we scored top3 places.

    1st. place League of Legends EU West 1on1 Christmas Tournament #7
    3rd. place League of Legends EU West GoPL4LoL 5on5 Monthly Finals - December (team)
    3rd. place League of Legends EU West GoPL4LoL 5on5 #43 (team)
    3rd. place League of Legends EU West GoPL4LoL 5on5 #41 (team)
    2nd. place League of Legends EU West GoPL4LoL 5on5 #39 (team)

    esl profile:
    How does the schedule looks like?
    First of all, I'll ask you what do you want to improve on (laning/jungling/harassing/csing etc.). Then you can either give me some of your replays and we'll analyze them together, or we can play 1v1, I can support you (if you want to improve as AD) or I can show you some jungling tips. If possible, I can also record replay of my game and we can analyse it together! I've got lots of replays from 900-1700 ELO.

    I see no point in spectating your games due to the fact, that the 3 minute delay forbids me from telling you "live" what you're doing wrong or what part of your playstyle needs to be fixed. Since I would be three minutes behind you, it wouldn't be beneficial if you couldn't focus on the game while I was talking and vice versa.

    But if you feel like you would like to duo with me, we can of course do that.

    I'll answer all of your questions about the game mechanics and game itself.

    What kind of replays should you prepare?

    Most of the times I'll need replays where you:
    a) won lane and lost game (I'll tell you WHY did that happened and how to prevent that!)
    b) lost lane even though you had an advantage
    c) lost lane and you don't know why

    skype: obiwanek

    I coach on ALL servers.

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