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    About Me

    So many orders per day in that our coachers are always busy,In order to relieve the stress of these coachers, we will recruit some LOL players work for our website as coachers to help our lol coachers .Would you wanna be our Coacher ? Higher remuneration and come on!!! At the before, we need to know your information, please fill in the following questionnaire: 1. Real name: Martin Kirkegaard 2. Photo of yourself: 3.Language: Danish and English 4. Character in game: Sinew/Mexile, (mainly using Mexile since the other is a refunded account which has no champs etc.) 5.Devision and Tier: Sinew: Diamond IV, Mexile: Plat IV 6. Server: All servers apart from the Asian ones, (meaning I am able to coach on every server) 7. Favorite Champion: Irelia 8. Salary Expectation(per hour): 20 - 30$ 9.which role you can do the coaching: Bruiser, AP Mid, AD Carry, Support 10. Simple presentation:(How long you played lol,and introduce your game experience:) More infomration, contact livechat in website please) Hello all my friends! My name is Martin and I am 18 years old. My adventure of League of Legends started
    when the BETA version was released. However, I was more interested in the original DOTA in Warcraft III,
    (Frozen Throne). I begun to play League of Legends for real, when the best champion of the whole game was
    released: Irelia - the Will of the Blades. And as we all know, that was on November the 15th 2010! Her birthday
    is very close to mine, so I kinda see her like my wife. Anyhow, my current rating on 'Sinew' is Diamond IV,
    however since I don't really play on it, (or just try out something untraditional on it every now and then), it's
    currently decaying pretty much. On the other hand I play on my 'Mexile' account a lot, since this is my main.

    I should tell you the story:
    When I played in S1, I reached the tremendous amount of 2200 elo, (that was quite a lot back then), and was
    the second to reach Platinum on the whole server. The only one who actually reached it before me was Wickd.
    At that point I competed with him to be the best Irelia, however I'm not sure I can do that anymore. Withal, for some
    reason my account back then, (Sinew ofc), got banned, and I still don't know why. It was just permabanned, (it might
    be because I mentioned boost every now and then when I chatted), and I was pretty mad so I made a ticket instantly.
    But as we all know, Riot has the best support ever, so it only took them 2 years and 4 months to unban that account.
    Naturally I made a new account, which I played a lot of normals on and spent far too many RP on, (I won't even think of
    how may RP I spent).

    So it's a lot more fun now, since it has all champions, 70 - 80 skins and 20 runepages, while the other only has what
    I had back then in Season 1. In season 2 I almost didn't play, since I spent my entire time on DOTA or WoW. So I didn't
    reach more than gold/plat, but I did some eloboosting every now and then in Bronze/Silver. In S3 I started on High School
    and at the same time I moved out, so I'm living in my own apartment, giving me a lot of time for League of Legends. And for
    your coaching! I have boosted a ton of accounts and have a team in Challenger on EUNE, called 'Dosirak Yang'. I am the coach
    of this team, meaning I have a huge game knowledge.

    I have coached several other teams, (such as back when they were a wholly new-started team), and I have coached
    individual players, which eventually made their way to top tiers in soloqueue. My mainrole is Top, closely followed by
    AD Carry, followed by AP Carry and Support - they're pretty even. I hope this description made you wanna choose me as your coach!

    In the first hour we will usually run through all of the basics, such as builds, masteries and runes. You can ask me anything
    about this - I have a huge knowledge about this, and I will teach you to thi

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