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2014 LOL Each Division Qualify For The World Finals Have Been A Case Of Six Places



    This year the world's divided into seven Division: Europe (3), North America (3), Southeast Asia & Taiwan Province (2), South Korea (3), China (3), Turkey and Russia and Oceania wild card (1) and Latin America & Brazil wild card (1), a total of 16 teams will compete in the international arena.


    European Division (Closed)

    Summer season has ended the regular season, the playoffs have officially ended at the weekend of the playoffs this year is to get the top three teams qualifying finals, they are: ALLIANCE, FNATIC, SK GAMING


    Turkey and Russia and Oceania wild card (Closed)

    Promotion race has ended, DARK PASSAGE team from Turkey won the qualifying finals of.


    Southeast Asia & Taiwan Province (8.21-8.23)

    GPL summer championship finals automatically qualify, and the other places will be born in the next qualifying GPL. This summer was once champion of champion team - TPA. August 21, qualifying broke, let's take a look at who will Win.

    North American Division (8.23-9.01)

    Summer season has ended the regular season, the playoffs will be the top three qualifying finals. Regular season, the top two automatic integration into the playoffs Final Four --Cloud9 and LMQ. LMQ That team from China's only defeat TSM or DIGNITAS, you can enter the finals!


    Korea Division (8.27-8.30)

    Summer season regular season has ended. South Korean game to take the points system, the top two teams automatically qualify for the integration, and the remaining teams compete for the third places this year is the Samsung Blue integral first team (SAMSUNG BLUE), so the blue team has embarked on a world stage.


    Latin America & Brazil wild card (8.30)

    Qualifying has been to the finals stage, August 30 will be held between the PEX and KBM produce.


    China Division (9.06-9.07)

    If EDG made LPL summer season playoff champion, EDG will automatically qualify. If not, EDG will seed and summer tournament championship qualification. Remaining two places will be on the 7th qualifying decision in September 6 out.

    That is currently 16 teams have been born six branches, they are DARK PASSAGE European Division ALLIANCE, FNATIC, SK GAMING, TPA Taiwan Province, the wild card of the ocean and South Korea Samsung Blue Team Division.

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