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2014 LOL World Finals Are Expected To Number Over Four Million People Watched The Scene



    League finals will be at the World Cup Stadium in Seoul carried stadium can accommodate 65,000 people, after the stage is set, the largest can accommodate 45,000 people while watching League 2014 Finals.

    According to King, president of RIOT electrical Dustin Beck interview, the hero League 2014 Finals may appear again pomp all tickets sold out.


    Dustin Beck in interview with foreign media, when it comes to organizing the finals of the 2014 Seoul World Cup Stadium can accommodate 65,000 spectators, after RIOT stage design, to ensure the audience after viewing experience, you can perfectly accommodate 45,000 people at a time to watch 2014 total finals of the event.


    "We expect to see cases sold out", Beck said, "held before the game, every game tickets can be sold out and we are still trying to create more seats to accommodate a wider audience, but now it is perfect. " World Finals 2013 held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, with a total capacity of 12,000 people last year attracted 32 million viewers watch online, peak concurrent users over 8.5 million people.





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