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3.13 Ahri Strengthen or Weaken


    Nine fox Ahri

    Devil Duopo (passive)

    · Now when Ahri passive triggered when recovery Ahri2 fixed point (+1 per level) (+0.09 AP) value of life, rather than providing an additional 35% spell vampire.


    Branching Foxfire (W)

    · Mana cost reduced to 50 from 60

    · Foxfire simultaneously rounds hit hero will be an additional 30% damage instead of 50% (up to 100% caused +30% +30% of full damage)


    Addict (E)

    · Increase Ahri now hit the target after inflicting magic damage by 20% for 6 seconds

    · Mana from 50/65/80/95/110 adjust to full Level 85


    Soul sprint (R)

    · Base damage from 85/125/165 (+0.35 AP) reduced to 70/110/150 (+0.30 AP)

    · Total damage from 255/375/495 (+1.05 AP) is reduced to 210/330/450 (+0.9 AP)

    There are a lot of changes this patch. Among some of the largest are the changes to Ahri. Here are the notes:


    First off, Essence Theft is not as nerfed as it seems. Under her old ratios, if at level 4 you hit a level 2 Orb of Deception (which, notably, is her only unchanged ability) on 6 minions and you had 42 AP, you’d have 35% spell vamp on 65 + .33 AP magic damage and 65 + .33 true damage per minion. Except, you only get 33% Spellvamp on AOE abilities (foxfire, incidentally, does NOT count as this but the best way to use her passive is to Q a minion wave and hope you get a champion).


    79 damage x .35 x .33 is 9.2 health per minion hit. Multiplied by 6, that is about 55, unless it’s processed as 9 each time, then it is simply 54. But that is each way, so it’s 54 from true damage and 54 minus resistances, which would probably, on minions, be minor. An even 46 would mean a flat 100.


    Under the new scaling, she’d hit each minion for about (2 + 4 + 3.78), for 10 each time it simply hits, regardless of penetration. Under this, she’d actually get 120, guaranteed. Let’s go higher. At 120 AP and at level 10, a level 5 Orb would hit for 180 each way, meaning 21 true and magic, or 126 magic and true vamp under the old scaling. On the new scaling, that means 2 + 10 + 10.8, or 23 each time a unit is hit. That’s actually 276, which is definitely higher.


    Foxfire, on the other hand, calculates spell vamp as 3 single target hits. In the level 4 scenario, that’s 3 x (2 + 4 + 3.78) and 3(2 + 4 + 10.8) under the new system, for (if rounded up) 30 and 51, respectively. Under the old system, a level 1 foxfire at level 4 hits for 113.6 damage on 35% spell vamp for 40. At a higher level, say, level 10 and you’ve got it at level 2, it hits for another 35, for 75.

    What this means is that Orb of Deception used on minions is better under the new system, whereas all the other moves are weaker, making her heal less in team fights. (Unless you manage to Orb all 5 enemy teammates both ways, which generally isn’t going to happen.)


    Foxfire and Spirit Rush are weaker, making her do less damage to groups as an aoe champ. But, she now does 20% more damage to charmed targets for 6 seconds, making her a better duelist and an assassin. Keep in mind that Deathfire Grasp’s active applies the same debuff but for only four seconds. By the way, this is what happens when you combine the two:


    This makes leveling Foxfire over charm a viable option during early duel situations, as you can charm at level 1, then simply Spirit Rush them after.


    Let’s take a level 6 situation. 2 Doran’s Rings 15 ap from quints, and 21 points in offense. So, 12 from masteries, 15 from runes, 30 from items, multiply by 1.05. That’s 70.35 or 70 AP.


    Under the old Ahri, if you hit every single ability on a champion, just that champion, and you maxed Orb and had 3/1/1/1 skills, you’d deal 113 true damage, 113 Orb damage, 126 foxfire damage, 85 charm damage, and 569 spirit rush damage for 893 magic damage and 113 true damage. Under the new system, you’d deal 85 from charm, then 20% more within the next 6 seconds (you’d need to hit everything perfectly.


    Orb would be the same, foxfire is 109 instead of 126, and Spirit Rush would be 513 instead of 569. 85, then 735 magic and 113 true damage afterwards. Except, the magic part gets 20% more. If you hit it all, that’d be 882 magic after the charm and 113 true, for 967 magic damage and 113 true. That’s just 85 more total damage with every single thing hitting within 6 seconds. Miss even one other ability and it’s less.


    Of course, this would scale more strongly as this is level 6, not level 18.


    What about just hitting a charm, then an orb and foxfire, at level 18? We’ll say 324 AP.


    Under the old, the Orb would hit for 258 each way, and the Foxfire would hit for 539. Under the new, the foxfire would only hit for 431, but with a 20% increase on the first half of the orb and the foxfire, that’s 827 instead of 797.


    The long and short of is that Ahri will do less damage with her foxfire and spirit rush on individuals unless they’re charmed first, and less damage to teams with Spirit Rush. Her sustain in lane will still be fine, or even better, as long as your AP is scaling reasonably with your level, but it will not be as good when used in fights.


    A charm / orb combo is the same, with only half of the orb damage being increased by 20%. This is because charm only increases magic damage, not physical or true damage. That’s nice for 1 on 1 skirmishing, but if you do NOT hit the charm, you get less damage. If you do, it’s barely better than before. If you are a pro Ahri who usually hits your charm and you rely on picking off and assassinating more than you do teamfight presence, you are fine. If you can combo with DFG off a charm, you will do a crazy amount of single target damage.

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