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American Teenager Playing League of Legends Profanity Jail


    Playing games, players verbal abuse is a very common thing. And if the player evolve into threats, verbal abuse, or gender, race, sexual orientation attacks, community groups, each game has its own approach: punishment, title, or give players bad reputation and so on. Because they have been in jail do not common. But recently, a 19-year-old League of Legends players Justin Carter in a game, but was really in jail, and he has been from February in prison.


    In February, when Carter's remarks in the game brought him trouble. According to his friend jace said, Carter in a game against another player, said: "Yes, I'm crazy, I want to find all the child's school, shot kill them, and then eaten their hearts." Then he played "LOL" and "JK".


    When a Canadian woman on Facebook see these remarks, she inquired about Carter's personal information and found one of his old address near an elementary school, put this matter to the police report. While Carter was still 18 years old was arrested on February 14 on charges of terrorism and intimidation. His trial has been waiting three months.


    Many people think that school shootings take look at this kind of thing should not be a joke, but if someone made ​​such remarks should be investigated. But Carter said parents petition the police action in the inspection Carter home and did not find any weapons. This case will be July 1 hearing, if convicted, he may be sentenced to eight years. This also OK? That in the "Heroes Union" and ask each house number and said "Italy has decided to kill" should be sentenced to several years?


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