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Analysis The ESports Environment Of China And Korea From League of Legends


    Since the All-Star tournament ended, China Star team lost to South Korea, get runner-up. South Korea and China in this game is also often talks about netizens. After the game, a lot of friends who volunteered and became a analyst: Some people say that the Chinese team tactics are too old-fashioned, Korean will innovation; was also said the Chinese team is more dependent on team battles, while South Korea will find online advantage ; will booing Tao Chinese team's individual ability has gradually declined, losing is inevitable.

    Issues were uncovered little by little, what caused these problems? Really like netizens said the Chinese team was too old-fashioned? Then what is the reason causing the Chinese team not to innovation? Korea What is the difference between China in the end? Xiaobian collected a lot of information on this, and Korea forums and websites eleven visits. It seems the problem has been answered:

    Contrast Korean Chinese style game play

    In China, the players will be very serious to complete a game, of course, will appear a little stiff facial expressions, and even entire game does not say a word. It also fully express the Chinese people's sedate and serious degree. However, in Korea, the Korean people will feel more fresh face game, the majority of Korean make their heart could wish to express in words, even if there are not other people themselves would speak out for themselves sounded the alarm.

    Games growth "cancer" is not unique to national service

    Cancer (sprayer) in the game are common. Also often have friends who complain: he was selected to play the game entered the stage hero, someone on the Board because of the quarrel, and then they hang up, also lose their very aggrieved. This kind of thing in the game, had become the players should accept commonplace. In fact, this kind of thing is not only a national service will be the same "cancer who" will grow in hanbok. This company has emerged fist various titles policy, but relatively speaking Chinese who are mostly the closure of people hang up the game for the curse will be very limited or no treatment to treatment, spray the child who is still at large. Served in Korea who are dealing with cancer is a dual access, curse and hang up after the people must not be let go, and curse those titles will be, of course, many people are only confined to a complaint.

    South Korea has a one belongs to a live television game gaming

    Ongamenet abbreviation (OGN) Korea OnMedia Media Group, a game channel, OnMedia is South Korea's largest cable television network, with nine cable channels, including games, fashion, female, action, drama, movies, cartoons and other channels. The OGN TV channels have also been established for 10 years. Some time before the All-Star race, OGN in front of the television audience is doing live, their propaganda is more than people's imagination.

    However, China has been implementing the idea of ​​the old society the old routine. Parents will think you do not play the game what's the use? Affect their studies and games, affecting work affects future. So many of the parents agreed that the game kind of thing harm beneficial. It also has the Chinese eSports door to cast a hazy veil. But even so, it will still have a lot of players who are willing to accomplish their dreams, but in the pursuit of a dream at the same time thinking are constantly changing. This small series did a small survey work in the 10 people, there are nine said they would order people to give up their home gaming dreams.

    Summary, although South Korea and China there are significant differences. Terms of customs, language speaking have a big difference. It is also vividly manifested in the game. But the only innovation can not be changed and that is the idea, only to innovate constantly in order to win the game. Personal lines Chuangzhan, team tactics innovation. I believe the concept of innovation is bound to give the opponent a feeling of surprise, brought about by the effect is bound to make an enemy by surprise. I believe that in the near to come, China LOL can shine into the world of the big stage, shouting to the world China is the king.


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