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Are You Able To Live In Your Own Control Faced With Increasingly Innovative Skin


    Udyr super unpopular Udyr Skin so that the original has become the rage, many people have been replaced with Udyr Avatar Avatar, Avatar is indeed sent to buy skin fist as a major innovation to attract consumers. Yesterday fist and out of the new skin - exactly like the weather Broadcasters Jianuo.


    This skin wind woman left the microphone, right hand umbrellas, an OL suit it is very hot. We also note that there is a very cute little clouds been with wind female.


    In effect, the wind woman skills will roll up a lot of "debris": fluttered newspapers, leaves, twigs, etc., and W skill seems to have been designed to become a lightning styles. When doing a face behind her appear even weather signs.


    See fist under the skin more and more effort, gorgeous special effects and very many ingenious design, the face of increasingly innovative skin, you also controls maintained their wallets do? Still able to control his colorful skin wallet reasonable consumption it?


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