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Around Those Enduring Heroes Like Never Ending As TGA


    Many times the so-called generation version will have many of the heroic generation of God into a limbo, perhaps a previous version or a variety of super-popular heroes of God, the next version of it had disappeared. Many heroes, play a lot, weakening the strengthening, strengthening weakened. There are always a lot of heroes in the eyes of the players position is inconvenient, no matter how much weakened, are still allow players to put it down.


    Popularity TOP1: Blade Will

    Learn knife sister or from our "passers-king. Strawberry" began. But then all-powerful sister strawberry knife, although it was later cut in a cutting knife sister. Despite this "so and so is too much, we look knife sister to weaken it," jokes such rumors, knives sister not so frequently appear in the game. Players sister's passion for knives only to rise, watching weakened knife sister unbearable heartache ah!


    Popularity TOP2: Izawa Riel

    Wherever, you can see the EZ figure. EZ has become a hero if representatives of the Alliance, as the handsome flowers LOL, whether it is three years into a god, or today's ballistic stream, ice punch, the magic number. EZ can play a major effect, players will also change because he loved the way the dress and style of play, and routes. So, EZ can say handsome well-deserved popular king.


    Popularity TOP3: Rangers Master

    Act as a permanent free meat, really let the novice gamers love. No perfect operation, consciousness OK, then, just roll the keyboard no brain, no matter how hands residue still super god. Out properly installed, it stacked up after the archangel. Also there meat output. Opponents to be naked. Both men and women, all ages. So popular, who can match it?


    Popularity TOP4: Promise Juggernaut

    Is known to steal the tower spree Juggernaut, AP.AD all accepted. Regardless of price, or from the Get started are the choice for novice players. Can play a variety of seats, so hundred wild hero. Oh, will not you want low popularity! And cheap, high cost. Coquettish take place presumably has already done a lot of super-god record. 450 round hero, who can Dide Guo?


    Popularity TOP5: Swift Scout

    As mentioned million, naturally, is very popular friends. Death can be dead to millions or even billions, then play sessions naturally not be less than popular hero. Timo Meng is immutable laws, are men and women-take-all. Skin is a Meng turned another astronaut, ah, ah panda, rabbit baby ah. If we say that Anne is the most adorable female hero, then Timo must be the most adorable male hero. So stay Meng heroes, how can he lonely?


    Popularity TOP6: Daughter of Darkness

    With Timo, nature is no less of our Annie. Players are very fond of each sister, Annie, and there are many Lolicon uncle who also love this Anne. As a black belly, violent little cute. She always makes you want to erupt and passive choose her, and has a lot of skin, meet all kinds of people. Unfortunately, after the revision Annie can not peek inside the small inner.

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