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Around the S3 Six Artifact We Have Caught Up With


    Preface: Someone once asked, in the end is a hero for the times, or the hero, these words repeated scrutiny for thousands of years are difficult to arrive at a correct statement, are the eyes of the beholder wise see wisdom. But if these words into the League to go inside, there is only one correct statement that hero. Throughout S1 to S3 three seasons, from generation version generation of God, the next version may pit! Each new version will bring some of the obscure hero to save the world CARRY became king! There are some heroes who save the world this twilight! While the corresponding equipment is the same. With the release of the reforms, some of the equipment may have previously nobody cares will suddenly become a hot artifact, some of the artifacts would have swept the world from dust. League of Legends has always been so cruel, survival of the fittest!


    The season is also about to be passed S3, S4 season is fast approaching. Some once in the S3 season red and purple on the equipment, may also be subjected to the treatment Summoners sideline, but it was brilliant we never forget!


    S3 in the late, after a small facelift, some of the cost is not too high in the previous quietly fires, such as out Dolan, has almost become international practice, but also directly eliminated a few red sandals out the habit. Upcoming preseason S4, S3 are also increasingly away from us, the era of replacement equipment out method must make some damper on some other equipment, turn the vision of re-entering the players! But some once ubiquitous equipment will become our lost youth, a distinctive mark! Let me briefly explain for everyone in the late S3 we had caught up with the six artifact.


    1 Doran 's Ring

    In the absence before the revision, Doran 's Ring or a value of 475 Ocean AP equipment, but there are a lot of AP -type hero would choose to go directly to Dolan ring, for example, Anne, or a playing field scarecrow. After the revision, into a 400 ocean, but in the blood increased by 20 hit points, all other attributes remain unchanged. After this change is, in almost every single out are Doran 's Ring plus two bonus or a month. And in front of a few minutes to come home, AP were all still choose complement Dolan ring out, rather than directly trance installed gadgets, one can imagine, its popularity has reached the point where stunning.


    2 Doran 's Blade

    475 Ocean, the front will spend your savings. Excellent blood gain, passive life lessons. It quickly became the favorite of ADC, go much blue, not a qualified murderer! Doran 's Ring and the same, ADC are generally likes to make up the first home Dolan blade. Bureau who have played all the way, the other side of the wearer of the ADC is pressed directly into the reactor over five blue sword plus an IAS shoes, and later turned out successful counter-attack until they win when that ADC has four God installed! As the saying goes, Dolan in hand, the world I have this saying is no exaggeration! S3 season's final play wild type AD daddy is also very much like to go out the door of the blade, such as Zhao Shun, blind monk and so on. The perfect property, the right price, it is home travel, life on the line, will go out with the equipment.


    3 explorers armband

    An important component of synthetic hourglass, most would choose the hourglass AP. Before this please look carefully on the picture to know its cost passive how the Guards, so the value of the artifact has only 1160 gold, World Wind Kusakabe, artifact dust! The mid- line of the former, the general AP will choose out of this armband, even if ultimately you do not need synthetic hourglass, it is definitely your best choice. Its strong law and passive armor bonus, is simply a small BUG, cost is very high, with who knows who.


    4 brutal force

    This artifact name of the domineering, has been one consistent attribute of the powerful Summoner Canyon! Have a provable limerick: early AD a brutal, no road running across the enemy; AD blindly abandon cruelty, Crystal 's own natural burst! +10 Armor penetration passive and decent attack power. Interim AD for the former to provide a tons of damage output! AD types Ueno favorite singles out before the mid- artifact, not one. An AD is qualified, to see whether he 's a brutal force.


    5 Blade rundown king

    3200 Ocean, it seems to go bankrupt. But the cost is very high. Passive aggressive initiative to be crazy, cuddly! Own property is also quite good. To VN and weapons master who led two endorsements fame do to ensure 3200 is definitely worth your own. If you see one in the early owns this artifact weapon master or VN, strongly recommended that sheered off, they must wait until the residual blood only sigh: My life have died... If you see an AD grab you twelve head, then please do not blame, he just got enough money out of a king in order!


    6 the power of three-phase

    His life does not know the three-phase power, Wanbian hero in vain! This artifact in the S3 Finals Huobian world, and the first to be undermined and re- enhancement, good kite-flying heroes have chosen to use it. S3 finals, weaken us back, we can imagine, and now his position. ADC aircraft and ADCEZ are will be out of the artifact, other ADC can be selected, its power to kill not only reflected in the madness, and more elegant with a kite. Do not care about its price, what a good player is not denominated 3628 Ocean! Maybe when your screen is gray, please tell myself silently, Master, I finally got enough money to buy a three-phase up!



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