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Asian Indoor Games LOL Schedule Information


    2013 Asian Indoor Games will be the 29th fully operational, WE clan will represent China in the LOL event. 27 teams baked. WE biggest rival which is from Korea KTB clan. The team at the just-concluded seventh OLYMPUS Champions League gains.


    Today LOL project schedule is completely discharged, WE opener in South Korea on behalf of the team tomorrow, it is understood League final project will be carried out by the OGN live video, live no other performances, we will be ready for everyone to focus in front of the information reported in the latest events progress. Final live video source address we will get the first time after release!


    Competition time:
    June 29 10:00-16:00 preliminaries
    June 30 10:00-20:00 preliminaries & semifinals
    1 July 13:00-15:00 3/4 Finals
    1 July 18:00-20:00 Finals

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