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Booming eSports Over 30 Million People Watch LOL S3 Championships


    Fist company in more than a month, finally succeeded statistics S3 Finals viewership, reaching a total of 32 million people, oh!


    We have been tallied S3 World Finals viewership, now come and share with you the results. Thank you for your support, S3 World Finals became the largest sporting event in the history of watching the game.


    Over three one thousand two million people watched the SKTT1 get Summoner trophy at the moment, while the Staples Center on-site tickets are all sold out. At its peak, more than eight hundred and fifty million people while watching the game. The following data for everyone to be a contrast, S2 World Finals Viewers have 8.2 million, the highest peak when there are 1.1 million people simultaneously watch. We were fans of the enthusiasm and support you deeply moved.


    In 2014 there will be more brilliant games, including in Europe, organized by the All-Star race, of course, more will be held in Korea 2014S4 World Finals.


    2014 just around the corner, we look forward to the League of Legends eSports into more places, to bring more fans.


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