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Can You Imagine A LOL Player Can Makes Almost $ 1 Million A Year


    Original Address: Gano más de 600.000 euros al año jugando a los videojuegos

    The following is translated by us:


    Carlos ' Ocelot ' Rodriguez received quarrels of their parents spend every afternoon at the computer, with 17 years until its first brought home 2,000 euros.

    Carlos Rodriguez

    Carlos ' Ocelot ' Rodriguez, 23, in an image of your web


    Carlos Rodriguez was 10 when he first saw his father play on the computer. That he loved, without imagining that a few years later, that hobby became an entire lifestyle that could make a living professionally. And not only that, but to create an empire around the to enter, at 23 years, between 600,000 and 700,000 per year, adding the salary that pays your computer, advertising contracts, awards, retransmission of their games via the internet and " merchandising " which has started selling through " It's crazy," says ABC, still surprised by what is happening.

    Carlos Rodriguez

    In principle, the history of Madrid is not very different from many other kids his age who spend hours and hours at home playing computer, completely engrossed with games like ' FIFA ', ' Call of Duty ', ' World of Warcraft, "" Halo, "" Battlefield, "" StarCraft "," Counter Strike "or, as applicable, the " League of Legends ". " Everyone likes video games, but I did not know what in the gut. I insisted that I wanted to do that, so I did everything I could for my father to buy me a computer, even taking some notes perfect. When I got it, I started to play and get into this business growing, " says Rodriguez.


    The difference is that he has managed to become the largest and the media just over ten professionals out there in Spain in what is known as E -Sports ( digital sports ). Ocelot, the nickname by which he is known in this world, has become a pioneer in our country shares podium with the likes of Enrique Martínez, alias " XPeke ", Murcia, in the " League of Legends "; Alvar Martin, aka " Araneae " of Mallorca, also in the League of Legends Facebook, or Pedro Moreno, alias ' LucifroN ' in ' StarCraft II '. " They are the highest paid of here.


    Professionals charged strictly a salary of their clubs by playing games, as if they were football players, "says Sergi Innkeeper, general manager of the Professional Game League ( LVP ). Young people who barely over 20 years old and also generate substantial income other sponsors, the tournament prizes and above all, to broadcast their games over the Internet to thousands of followers. A trend with those who come to earn up to 500 USD a day or more if, as is the case with Ocelot, get together over 35,000 followers live or half a million a day.

    South Korea, the Mecca

    However, the professionalisation of the sector in Spain has just begun. High above are countries like the U.S., Germany, UK, Sweden and, especially, South Korea, a mecca for gamers. This has meant that few stars Spanish as Ocelot, Araneae, xPeke or LucifroN have finished signing for teams from outside Spain, where higher salaries are charged. According Angel Guerra, product manager of Turtle Entertainment Spain and former director of Pain Gaming, one of the few professional teams in Spain, " in our country there is no financial support from companies, but gradually are turning more to this sector. This year we hope to have more visibility. "

    Enrique Martinez, alias "XPeke" playing League of Legends

    " Higher wages have traditionally been paid in South Korea - has - Innkeeper, we find annual payrolls above $ 200,000, although there have been cases much higher. In the United States, the wages of the top players must walk between 80,000 and $ 160,000. In Europe, the numbers are lower, between 50,000 and 70,000 per year on average. And in Spain the highest paid are among the 20. 000 and 40,000 euros. But these numbers do not include contracts or revenues image win tournaments, which are usually higher. "


    Ocelot has managed to get in the pantheon of the gods of the global game, where we met the legendary players like Jonathan Wendel, known as " Fatal1ty " which is able to enter a million dollars a year from different sponsors. But the Spaniard is an exceptional case in Spain and Europe, because, beyond being better or worse player, has managed to set up an empire around his brand.

    The fights with parents

    To get here all these players have spent many hours training and have had to endure many quarrels of their parents, who were concerned to see them so many hours at the computer. "I scolded a lot, because I saw you get home, do homework in just an hour and then throw me playing until 22:30 every day. They insisted to do different things, but could not tell me anything because I always met and took very good notes, "recalls the famous Ocelot.

    Alvar "Araneae" Martin is professional League of Legends



    When his parents saw a team with 17 years he paid his first trip to compete outside Spain, to Hanover, and from there they brought their first home 2,000 euros were changing their minds. They could not believe what was happening. They found that the child was clear and began to give greater freedom. Thereafter, he began to grow as a professional player.


    First signed by a French team who paid 500 euros per month, for which required the consent of their parents, to be minor. It must have been like a dream for him to be paid for playing games, but soon that amount is small quedón. Followed by going to tournaments, achieving good results and earning the respect of the people for their way of being, until SK Gaming, a German team among the best in the world, signed him when he was 20 years, with a monthly salary of 2,500 euros. "What we received the club's players was not much compared to 3,000 euros a month we earned doing streaming, plus what ingresábamos of tournament prizes, another 5,000 euros each every two or three months. We would take crazy money, " says Rodriguez.

    " Down to earth"

    Despite his youth and the money he makes, is shown as a close, responsible, friendly and " down-to- earth," sure "not changing anything " even though every time I go to a tournament his followers just leave him and go to the bathroom. A whole new phenomenon of the stars of this game that seems to have brakes. " Luckily my parents have taught me very well and I have never been a spoiled child," says regarding his fame.


    Carlos Rodriguez was always very aware of where you got and figure in which was becoming in this new sector. Therefore, in its latest review of contract with SK Gaming did not care that the wage does not go up, but imposed the condition, as if Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo is involved, to let him have his own sponsors. The first large Digibet which was signed in 2011, a very important company betting lines. "I knew I was going to get much more money for this," he adds.


    Almost timidly, it costs a lot to talk about quantities when they ask how much you earn now, especially since some time ago began selling among his followers all kinds of items through their website, such as caps, shirts or mats computer mouse.

    Peter "LucifroN» Moreno is professional StarCraft II

    "I live very well. Luckily I can help out my family, the house, the cars and everything. Plus I'm saving a lot because there will come a time in life when you stop playing and I have to make investments, "says a roundabout. And at the insistence of editor, adds: " I do not know if I should say. Well, but do me a favor and put it in a way that does not seem arrogant, because really I'm not... because only the income merchandising half a million euros a year easy. That's like 70% of the total, since this I have to add my salary I earn in tournaments, streaming my games and what I get from personal sponsors. In total between 600,000 and 700,000 won per year. But now is the time to save and help the family, "he insists.


    Although she says that this world and the people inside loves, and wants to pursue this all her life, recognizes that "being a professional player and play a major item each week involves a lot of stress. That can not last the whole life. " " The day I wake up in the morning and tell me not want to play anymore, I do not feel hungry for victory, then I will not play, but the next day have the final of whatever. I'm happy playing video games, the rest comes because it comes, "he adds, though he quickly clarified that it is still early withdrawal from the competition, which has not won any of the big prizes of a million dollars. "But come," convinced ends.


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