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Can You Imagine The Mobile Version Of LOL


    This year, many popular games have the game moved mobile phones and other mobile platform programs, such as World of Warcraft Mobile game edition I called MT, recent fiery furnace slag legend, has also been a lot of hands before the tour manufacturers in imitation LOL production of various types of hand travel, but after all, is not genuine imitation.


    Recently, the fist company publicly recruited Andrews and IOS developers, it is also to develop LOL hand travel edition?


    RiotGames is an American online game developer, founded in 2006, stands as a hero league, and the League as the world's largest online, large-scale system is the most complete 3D arena game, simple operation, easy skill, clear picture, it is already China and even the world's most popular sports games.


    RiotGames Release Recruitment Android and iOS developer:


    "As Android developer, you will use your expertise to carry their trust to millions of Android devices LOL players advanced applications.


    In addition, these developers will be together and committed to allow players to enjoy anytime, anywhere League of fun. "


    Riot also said: "If you're successful candidates, you will help define Riot Games on mobile phones in the future, regardless of where the player, can give them to create engaging experiences and surprises."


    The move so many players and media have to guess, what RiotGames League is planning to develop a mobile platform version, or simply making a game that allows players anytime and data connections applied App?


    Whether or not the client after landing directly thirty-five friends will be able to open the phone handset online online play LOL! Think of the fun! Elobostlol Riot Company will continue to focus the latest news Mobile version LOL.


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