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China Won The Runner Up In League of Legends S3 World Finals


    League of Legends S3 World Finals in Los Angeles for the first time, Finals Chinese royal clan does not perform miracles, a 0-3 defeat by the Korean team SKT1, runner-up, but this is already the Chinese team to get the best results.


    The finals are scheduled for the Lakers arena, the scene has more than 10,000 spectators, an infield ticket fired to 2000 dollars a piece, but still can not stop the enthusiasm of overseas Chinese in the United States buy scalped tickets for Chinese clan refueling. Unfortunately, although the royal family struggling to beat his opponent, but still brutally SKT1 sweep, following the All-Star break, Chinese eSports once again suffering Hanzheng.


    After the game, royal auxiliary Tabe said: "Today I heard a lot of cheering, I would like to say thank you."

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