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Comprehensive Understanding of The World LOL Summoner Canyon


    Summoner Canyon exists inside each location have a remarkable sense it through them, the game will present a butterfly effect changes from disadvantage to advantage, from passive to active. The so-called band rhythm, is by changing the Summoner Canyon one place, and to achieve the purpose of affecting the global. Now take you into the world of Summoner Canyon.


    1, outside the tower

    The reason is the importance of the tower outside the tower> Lower tower> on the tower because Nakano first portal that is outside the tower guard, outside the tower outside the river mouth and out only two, and each lost an outer tower will open an outlet hole (middle two), so the playing field in terms of the outer tower, is an important preliminary to the key points, the first to break open the middle outer tower, then you can have the opportunity to liberate mature form of the middle, Road stretched each other escape routes, connecting each other up and down Nakano.


    Compared with the control tower and the next road dragons critical for BUF defense under the road is also more dependent on a combination of quick support, if cracked under the tower, the first in a hurry, is certainly fast enough Seino jungle.


    2, within the tower

    Neta Summoner Canyon in a single unimportant fact, the two most important three direct loss of initiative. Neta similar to trench warfare on the role of war stronghold, a single cracked the other two can be compensated, in addition to the middle, the other inside the tower missed the other hand, elongated front make it easier to retreat and wait for a big wave of soldiers raising fat scrapping is quite save time. The two have been solved within the tower on a threat to the entire control Nakano, since one can not view the case in the face easily explore strange bushes. After three Neta give up all, then the dragons and the Dragon of the initiative almost completely lost, or not only large corporations across the final say, the most commonly used "big dragon force group" tactical key point lies within the tower.


    3, Highland

    Highland is almost the last bulwark of beauty, once torn almost wiped out, and because of this, in many cases the opposite is broken open highlands, is expected to cut a great advantage. Another case is broken tower against minors were destroyed, since then never led.


    4, red and blue BUFF

    BUFF is lethal finishing touches of red, blue BUFF cumulative advantage is to obtain victory. Another is to get three red BUFF understand the jungle to arrest people certainly greater than the success of only took a red BUFF's jungle, and took three blue BUFF's developmental certainly greater than the AP only took a blue BUFF's AP. If the other middle very smooth, then grab his blue dad, while the opposite audience like Kerry insert a father in the N eyes red.


    5, F4 and grandma Wolf

    For the handsome F4 and have crit grandma Wolf, their presence most easily overlooked, but it is precisely because of their presence, the economy is the key for the pre final straw in a single experience can rely on them to get ahead with economic , while the playing field can leave the last one or a small coyote specter opposite Qiqiaoshengyan.


    6, a large dragon, dragons

    Little Dragons pre snatch the key, Ultimate Dragon for the latter to strengthen, worth up to 975 pre-dragons, melee 23 a, 17 a long-range, artillery 30 a, a full complement of the words are 23X3 +17 X3 +30 = 150 money. So basically if you do not happen the way pre-crash, then dragons control rate directly determines the interim group fights equipment gap.


    7, eye position

    Group fights upper hand, GANK and anti-grasping, and so are dependent on eye position, there was a Road, was arrested after the collapse, and then sold to a large retaliatory inserted eyes half-map, resulting in the opposite lose 5 + and a dragons head, carefully calculate, even value for money. Angbu Li micro-Bu ah!


    8, Summoner Skills

    Ignite within five seconds, causing 50 +25 * hero level of injury, and back half, red bottle 5 seconds to increase blood 150. An ignition knock Xueping afford the blood.


    Purification + shoes against mercury control multiple teams wonders, on the playing field but also with single or dual virtual teams can be weak balanced lineup disadvantage.


    The time flashed even enchant and talent to point out is more than 200 seconds after the recording time of each flash remaining CD, playing field will be very interesting.


    9, penetrating algorithm

    S3 biggest change is the penetration algorithm, which is not because of the time and a lot of new heroes and forget, Zela Si, the whole law to wear 400 spell damage Zela Si, total damage is 1600 big move around, no resistant equipment will have to 760 + spell damage. Zhao believed passive armor is reduced by 15%, when Zhao believed the ax armor, armor-piercing bow, point out the piercing talent, as well as the body piercing Rune afterwards. 115 Armor units within, for Zhao letter, its all the attacks, all the skills, all the real damage. Although the example is a full penetration skills brought by its own hero, but there is no doubt, to treat high resistance team, penetration is more than a simple attack power and spell more effective option.


    Want in a game slowly extended the advantage a winning situation, these small details are not ignored. Called a short step a thousand miles, and only those seemingly insignificant little detail and make the perfect step by step, the advantage will snowball snowball. Eloboost provide the best quality service outside Elo Boost, but also provide you with the best gameplay tips of LOL.

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