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Depth Analysis Of The Secret Eye Position of LOL


    Every game is a war game. Only know ourselves to be able to know yourself, which is to say have a good sense of time to analyze the actions of the enemy, find the enemy's weak point, and then all of them break and win. Only looking for the right eye position, time insight into the enemy's action, seize the enemy's various details in order to know ourselves.


    As an excellent auxiliary, playing field position player, learn to insert the eye is essential, good supporting also the right time to plug in the eye, reverse eye. Eye position is an art, but also every war victory and not. But no absolute eye position, as the situation will also change the position of the eye becomes, then how to correctly grasp the rhythm of the game the entire disk to go with the artistic eye position expansion friendly strength it?


    Today, we come to chat, those we experience or did not experience the detail and only grasp the details to be able to determine success or failure. Here to tell you about the basic eye position, from the perspective of auxiliary words, basic eye position in two ways: purple square, blue square, here we come to examine and explain the basis of both eye position.


    Eye position into three types: normal eye, eye protection, offensive eye.

    A conventional eye: It is not only to protect themselves but also to attack the enemy's general eye, routine eye position location is in the red and blue sides BUFF area, dragon, Baron and other locations.


    1.BUFF routine eye area
    , When the wind creeps in one's own eye camps inserted to protect one's own BUFF creeps, to prevent him from stealing wild downwind when inserted in the eyes of the enemy creeps camp, hit BUFF can be expanded to a friendly power, seeing the enemy hero playing field has also greatly increased arrests opportunities.


    2 dragon routine eye

    , What we called dragons, dragons is in addition to pushing the tower, only to steal the wild outside of friendly creeps expand economic advantage, as we can see from all the major race teams as a launching various groups dragons war, fight badly beaten, so the dragons eye position is also crucial for the regular game.


    3 Baron routine eye

    We called the big dragon, the dragon is the key to every game, they would rather lose two dragons, do not want to lose a chance to kill the dragon, kill the dragon not only get the money advantage, but also get a powerful BUFF effect, we can say with a big dragon to have it all, so big longan, a variety of auxiliary insert the eye to gather.


    Second, protection of eyes: is the game most random eye position, eye protection, strictly speaking, is to protect yourself and friendly hero's eye position, eye position they are generally true and false eye wrestling, rivers and are inserted Triangle area.


    River in terms of a protective eye can be the first time to prevent the enemy hero playing field GANK, protect allied heroes safety. Grass from speaking, the grass can get not only the advantages of view, it is a variety of auxiliary, playing an important place for an extended stay wild heroes such an important place, insert the eye is naturally competing parties, various real eye discharge a false eye.


    Three, attack the eye: in order to expand the advantages or overturned while plugged Nakano eye position, and secure use of rejection-eye effect, get Nakano horizons, to increase the chance of friendly kills, grab the chance of a single rose.


    Most offensive eye inserted in the tower of the road has been pulled, the highlands eye, but some are high external eye. Highland wind Bureau can be plugged into external eye, the eye position can effectively prevent various defensive Heights onrush when enemy heroes. There is also a real eye eye is central, real eye inserted in the middle of the road, you can see Kali in team battles, monkeys, widow of such stealth hero, you can further narrow the winning team battles.


    To sum up, in every game, the position of the eyes is very important, so good supporting and playing field for the game to provide an output field advantage, and win. No absolute eye position, can we truly understand resourcefulness success depends on details, guarding insight Union, I believe we will go better S4. Believe that League of Legends Elo Boost also will be more and more popular with more players.


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