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Designer Exposure Pizza Girl Xi Weier Design Drawings




    Designer Exposure Pizza Girl Xi Weier Design Drawings




    Note that this is only skin design concept, does not mean immediately on-line, on-line or even never.


    Users exposed the one designed by the MaTTcom manuscript. And that perhaps MaTTcom are similar in design to the skin for the Riot, Riot, or borrowed their ideas:




    In the PAX show, Riot of a number of designers have answered a lot of questions:


    Q: Do you intend to modify Thain?


    A: From the gameplay changes, the new version of Thain will be played AD, AP Thain even without any use. I've always wanted to become an immortal Thain modify presence ( enhanced availability of large strokes vampire? )


    Q: Will continue to modify the Master Yi?


    A: older versions of Juggernaut difficult to grasp his attire balance, the new version of Juggernaut is very strong, but also very easy to play smashing ( high-risk high-yield hero ) and his modified retained his own characteristics.


    Q: If you plan to redo A Wood, could not update his" carnival" Skin styling? That was a very perfect skin.


    A: We understand that this skin is the kind of player carnival like long term use of the skin, we are not free to go to modify its appearance, just may be some small improvements.

    Q: Can we get a cool new skin, Bobby?


    A: We do not plan to make a new hero to redo the skin until she redo the complete redo for Bobby, there is still a lot of work not completed, including appearance and gameplay.


    Q: Will introduce some sexy male skin for female players enjoy?


    A: We may release male firefighter skin gun, he would be very sexy.


    Q: Speaking of talented designers Phreak recent changes?


    A: Yes, we should be in S4 remove talented Summoner each department plus points ( such as strengthening the ignition, etc.). We believe that the plus points of different trade-offs depending on your location and you want a hero of the play, such as a 21-9-0 talent will give you an early high-yield, while 21-0-9 talent moving speed increases etc. will be very late to the force.


    Q: Ruiz will improve the appearance of it?


    A: In fact, the model has been done.


    Q: Is there any news about black Mo Dingge Mody?


    A: He probably will be no time limit on the fort, even in the one can build three forts. Moreover, shells will become very cool.


    Q: Recently there will be a hero to get new skin it?


    A: Almost every one does not need to redo hero has visual design changes or skin, it never stopped.


    Q: About the soul Luo ( that Fuzion small animals ) What is the message?


    A: I just want to say, if you do not like the current Romanian soul, you must have a problem.


    Q: What about Eich 's plan it?


    A: Some designers want to modify her to bring the"big cold to wear so little" feeling. Disclose her next skin will be evil style.


    Q: Will there be new maps, such as Capture the Flag map ( with the occupied areas of the PVP map, it is better to seize the flag also add to the mix right), or with the All-Star game appearance similar style 5V5 SOLO map map it?


    A: I do not support the idea of adding more maps, I think our team should go from hero to improve other aspects of the game, rather than increasing the map. I have to say, to increase the map equal division player groups, such things too risky, and often do so meaningless.



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