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ESports Coaches and Analysts


    Recently saw the royal family in the recruitment of coaches, there is a message just NGA discussed a lot about the game business coach or need high levels of this question, I want to tell you on a whim to talk about this country, " eSports coach" industries.


    Speaking of coaches, or I should say the coaching staff. There should be a two -part, coaches and Data Analyst.


    South Korea's coach many are former professional athletes down or down before the interstellar coach in Korea already has formal systems, SC professional athletes or coaches down just like LOL players that we had is so trained, 15 hours a day, the why Why, this is the coach to do. Coaches coach, in fact, is to teach players how to practice.


    As a data analyst, most of the game is to sort out the data, analyze something. This part is not a tactical thing, but some of the finer things, like if you want to change lines, an investigation of how the opposite eye position, such as dragons what lineup to play more relaxed in the first few minutes, as the WCG ( microblogging ) under the big advantage on RSTAR big dragon fight was overturned, because they beat the Japanese wild woman so hit big dragon faster than conventional playing field more than 10 seconds slower than the spiders that hit the big dragon relatively fast and wild at least to slower than 20 seconds.


    About tactics, I think the coach, a data analyst, player three parties discussed the final outcome of a coach to determine the most appropriate.


    Now the domestic situation is the coach who should be allowed to go when are inappropriate, as they are now in the band WE SKY team, then as a coach guiding SKY how players do "Do you think I have, Internet training every day, those days, one month's wages 800, so I strenuous efforts to get the world champion " ( very Chinese characteristics,eg: Cheap LOL Coaching) plainly, now national team training on three words, by consciously put aside consciously or unconsciously do not say, this training mode is also very unscientific. After all, is a team game, the players spontaneously to train than scientific planning training will certainly be a lot worse.


    Because China has never had formal eSports coach, so how when the coach did not have clue, then it will be impossible players listened, to be honest, really want to coach, which team soccer basketball coach pulled over, definitely than to find someone in this circle is good. Because they have experience, and gaming industry is the goal, not on what you learn traditional sports industry.


    Now the domestic general coach, leader of the living to do is take care of players living itinerary.


    Then the data analyst, and now many domestic teams have this, but do just data " Statistical q" division of the living, that is only statistical data, analyze it, basically no one to listen.


    Then I personally feel, do statistics, does not require high level, but to do analysis, or require a certain level of the game, of course, not very high, almost platinum above should, of course, to say that this part of the level of consciousness, some operations play very strong but no brain or even the strongest players even if the diamond is not necessarily suitable for the king to do this, personally feel that the most suitable data analyst is proficient playing field in single player. Mainly to better digest some ideas, but analysts themselves to high, in fact, is only good for some analysis of the operation are not good players will be on the line capacity is increased.


    Data Analyst, then the country should now engage each clan has its practical effect, I can see very little, mainly less " coach" this position, no way to get the actual data on the players into something useful. Analysis hear their players out of something, listen much, listen to how much useful. These are the questions.


    Let me say that if a team is a band, then the player is a player, a data analyst who is composing, and the coach is the conductor, a clan if you want a real " professional." Indispensable.


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