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ESports Will One Day Become The Mainstream Sports


    Despite recent project has been to athletic identity is accepted, but Riot Games eSports director Whalen · Rozelle (Whalen Rozelle) that, once accepted by the public by the mainstream eSports after it with the real-world professional sports competition between comparison will also vary with the passage of time from and stops.


    "The traditional athletic evolution has developed hundreds of years time." Rozelle said, "so pay attention to what they have done something to allow themselves to be sports fans necessities of daily life, it is very meaningful one thing. "


    However, when asked whether the comparison between the two hindered such games like League of Legends grow as an independent competitive project, Rozelle told reporters that he expected to be when the e-sports to become a mainstream crowd after fully accept hobby, electronic games and traditional games will be a comparison between lopsided.


    "I believe we will see clearly that electronic games over time, will be more gradual accepted." Rozelle continued, "I think like this comparison will gradually subside, I think people self-heating and then will begin to do so, because once eSports more accepted by people, and become a part of people's lives, we will stop to listen to a similar comparison, but for now, continue to maintain a similar comparison is still very important, because electronic games should be determined quest to become a sport, although this and we are trying to want to become professional sports are not the same. "


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