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Eighth Day of The S3 Finals Review


    Awaited League of Legends S3 World Finals into the knockout second day of competition, OMG and royalties will be at 13:00 civil war in China, competing for places in the Final Four. Additionally Korea favorites SKT1 and GAB game will be in 10-point lead.


    September 25 battlefield Roundup:

    S3 fourth quarter-finals, royal vs OMG, China Hutch civil war caused a tremendous concern. Xiao Bian think the first game since the finals began S3 most exciting game! OMG disadvantage early in the wave of dragons wonderful group fights to regain a disadvantage in one fell swoop, with a wave of the royal family also domineering abandon Highland Canadian Long completed final reversal. Have you seen the top ten middle open group skills of all but ten were all released residual blood escape intense scenes do? Have you seen the WT more domineering than the S3 qualifiers roar you? The game is definitely not to be missed!


    Stateless again took second inning fox, while crocodiles brother chose has been very rare on a single Rambo. The two sides are very cautious early, head alternately rising, everyone smooth development. Turning point came in the middle of the two sides met in the middle, the royal family choose to retreat, Lovelin hotheaded touch now to go, although Q out after receding did open group, but the chance to see the royal family flew chase, TABE piano woman wonderful big move limit distance Dazhong three, the final residual blood royal five people across the group off, scored three puppies to kill, and then won the big dragon, which for the royal family laid the foundation for the final victory. After this battle royal to be the last one to reach the semifinals of the team, but before the performance is extremely good OMG can only frustration and S3 farewell. We hope to continue to play after the royal family such a wonderful game, do not live up to the hopes of all the Chinese players.


    S3 Quarterfinals Game 3, GAB vs SKT1. Orange bear the first game is very tight across enemies, relax the hands and feet. Although the normal orange bear in a passive game, but did not show the strength of rumors that a huge gap. Another episode is Faker very excited after the win, does he think as long as you can into the semi BO1 do?


    After the first game of the little tidbits, the second game of the Faker seem more calm, took out the single Li Sangzhuo, walk on the cord dominant positive, SKT1 also fully control the audience overwhelmingly war, less than 30 minutes can only choose orange bear surrender their arms, SKT1 2:0 win over the last four. Following the North American C9, the orange bear dismal also become a " travel team."


    Today will be two quarter-finals of the competition, the first of the favorites to win against Korea SKT1 GAB 's game, the game start time 10:00 GMT. In this game, will be the long-awaited Chinese civil war, OMG battle royal in the league final, royal defeated OMG, and thus won the second seeded S3 World Finals qualification. The OMG and the royal race meet in the quarterfinals, described Yuanjialuzhai, OMG Can revenge, waiting for the 13:00 game started.


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