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Exhausting The Spirit Of Ultimate Skin Lock Beast Spirit Udyr


    Ultimate skin distance on a "future warrior Mr. Brill" issue has been in the past year, the original plan issued 2-3 year ultimate skin there is only so a RIOT or ultimate skin. Of course, the designer also said developing an ultimate skin input workload is far greater than any epic, these we can all understand, after all, outstanding creative and meticulous production is an important part of the guarantee value of ultimate skin, however, the future soldier sales hot condition and popularity have no desire to improve designers working overtime?


    Ok, get back to business, recent finally have some news about new ultimate skin, Morello Riot designer suits in the United States BBS disclosure "in the role of an ultimate skin is going to be a melee heroes" oh, good oh! WeiDeMei (UK), according to the small make up understands from staff's mouth, the hero's current usage and popularity is not high, which he spirit of the beast (above 80%) accuracy of John Deere.


    Beast in the spirit of ultimate skin focus should be on his four forms of modelling, in the early of the deer was the wild area, on the performance of the single is also very sharp, but in recent versions of his performance is not very good, is generally low, the popularity of the usage as super big upset of the apocalypse, although he had four can switch forms, but the rugged middle-aged uncle modelling does nor Mr. Handsome and natural and unrestrained, so lovable players, why would Riot choose him as an ultimate skin, it's very confusing.


    From the point of us statistics, the spirit of the beast's utilization rate is very low, so to speak, only about 3% (timothy 24% utilization), but the spirit of the beast's odds is looking in the past, have been floating around 50%, I don't know to launch after the skin, the spirit of the beast will be adjusted on the skills, can increase? We care about is there anyone who can as the ultimate hero skin and to practice the spirit of the beast, to welcome you all to vote, at the same time, you can also put your forecast the skin model released in the article the message, we will choose more excellent show set in the article.


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