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Fist Company Said League of Legends World Finals Is A Losing Money Trading


    Organized by League of Legends World Finals for Riot game companies, although the pen trading loss, but they still have to abide by its commitments to events held indefinitely.


    "Hosting this event requires huge investment, but we can not derive pecuniary advantage," Riot game company actually division's total electric charge Dustin Beck said in an interview.


    League of Legends World Finals


    He added: "But this is a better environment for our players and special investment funds, just as we have to improve the game and specialized funds invested the same. Doing it, for us it is worth it, because our players will gain access to high-quality, highly interactive experience. "


    League of Legends World Finals will be held game itself into a new realm, players will no longer be used to pass the time as it is only a game, but a will for a long time to follow spiritual sustenance.


    "We imitate the practice of the traditional sports, like FIFA, U.S. Major League Baseball and the NBA, as I hope to create a league system with a unified structure, so that there will be more players to indulge into the league in the past, At the same time around the players around between teams around the various competitions, but also more interesting things will happen. "


    "From last year's tournament lessons, we learned that, for every one participating teams, the players want to win a lot of support and follow, it is not easy to do. While from now, Each year, we regularly host a game, and in order to allow more viewers to watch this event, we also created a large viewing platform, I believe in the future this situation will certainly get a considerable improvement. "


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