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Five ADC Rules of League of Legends


    League of Legends is a massively multiplayer online war game in which the division of labor is clear from various quarters, one-way road development, middle Road Development, kill creeps, under the road. Such tactics have rigid a shunt. But with the development of new tactics, in many games, such legalistic 1-1-2 - wild shunt was broken,2 -1-1- wild, double walk,1 -2-1- wild tactical also appears in everyone's eyes. Clearly corresponds to different types of shunt heroes, each road conditions are affecting the entire game situation. Under the road a particularly important line in the late group fights most important thing is to rely on the continuity of ADC output, often in a good ADC everyone had survived after the fall, then how do we play high- level the ADC up?


    First, make up a knife is the foundation to practice

    Up the knife, what makes up the knife? Finally it is up a knife attack kills soldier, because only in the last soldier will kill to get what coins. Novices might say, this is too simple, wait until the last soldier wants to attack slightly, which also need to practice it. If you have such thoughts, can only " Oh ", and who will be the final assault soldier, this process is not difficult, the difficulty is to reckon how to ensure their final blow to kill the creeps! Affected by many factors make up a knife : Friends of Fang Xiaobing attack, attack their hero, his hero's trajectory and attack range of Fang Xiaobing defense and blood. If you can master the above factors skilled, then they should not get too excited, this is just the complement of basic knife only. Actual Battle, there are other factors, such as harassment and other heroes tower up the knife and the necessary skills to use when you attack affects the complement of knives. When soldiers line up the tower, defense towers to attack three times to kill melee soldiers, twice, remote kill soldiers. Based on your injury, if not my Fang Xiaobing harass, attack twice in defense tower soldiers supplemented melee knife. Not be able to attack a defense tower after the remote soldiers to attack. Defense tower should attack them before the attack early. Then when the defense towers to attack them, you can attack. When you need to use the knife skills to fill the time, unless you are ready to go home, or do not use mana to kill creeps. If a fight broke out, and because you want to kill creeps without mana, then the battle to die. Familiar with your hero, you need to buy the equipment and game time. Know how much you have the skills can be used, keeping some mana to the emergency.


    Known as "the world's first ADC" smile was as creeps machine, he says in the video WE smile, play him 10 minutes LOL League pass up the knife 80 is generally 85, a little better than 90 ( in the interference with the opponent case). Of course, this is the standard professional players, according to their own situation condemnation and felt up the knife is qualified. Unqualified? A word, practice!


    Second, the mind must be put away, less excited contradiction

    First, as the next most important one way road, ADC mentality of the players to put upright, is better. Talk is now fighting gamers like to take this thing to judge a player's strength, in fact, very often, in stark contrast with the combat factor is the mentality. For example, a player start to combat high and low own combat encounter very different players, and then began to underestimate the enemy, opposite honestly Farm, himself a variety of waves, the result not only failed to establish superiority, sculptors so that the opposite was beaten dog to help his teammates, teammates an open spray on the face that make life difficult for themselves, they begin to hang up. Hold good attitude from the start of the game when you lose. Fighting this thing, some things can only reflect on the surface, the most real thing is to see the mentality of the players themselves and play, fighting high god you say he is right, the result was a combat assault. League of Legends is a team game where all the way upwind and downwind not decide, if you mind, it might appear self- wind situation so that would have more headwinds. Too believe that their own operations, waves, to show, then Not then. ADC strength of this position is not required, nor is it required to hit every jump across the stabilized Farm, to establish their own equipment advantage, and then use their on -line tips across the ADC to suppress growth, interfere with complement knives, knife actually suppress complement and kill each ADC has times not much difference, or post- decision victory team battles. Some players can not play wind Bureau, hang something long hanging lips, if even the wind Bureau can not play, I suggest you stay away from ADC this position, it should be away from this game, I really do not suit you.


    Third, on -line techniques, rational use of grass

    Many people think, ADC pair of lines is by their own skills to consume each other's blood, and then with secondary or kill the hero to kill creeps harvesting head. Of course, as long as the hero will play opposite can also use the same kind of way to consume you. Clever use up a knife Pugong hero opposite the timing is the best time to attack, and then went into the bushes, and when you attack across the ADC when the value of hatred soldier will be transferred to your body, but when you walk into the bushes when the soldier on the value of your hatred will disappear. You definitely take advantage of this, do not underestimate this next level of A, A people look at you more, and more people make up a knife, on the latter 's development is very important, sometimes it is possible because this one up a knife and almost money can not afford the equipment you want, because this time the damage level A residual blood and let the enemy fled, in fact, consumption is still under way by the ADC adds up to much more common attacks. League total of 30 grass, up and down the camp of the 12, in the middle river 6, ADC rational use of grass on their own line and the output is on a very important.


    Fourth, the group fights stations and the installation

    ADC reaches six and 25 minutes when it is an important time period. After reaching 6 in the loading area, variety, some people like to direct a big sword storm, some people will choose Dolan vampire over it, and even then some will be out of greed Biechu a large. Of course, the situation is installed according to the form of the field, because this time around dragons may play a small -scale team battles, you need to look out across the Tank and ADC equipment to choose. Mission team battles to look across the playing squad, like a stone such groups of people knock hero, do not get too close and troops rely, to maintain an appropriate range in their attacks on the line. Remember, not a last resort never stare meat to play, a lot of the ADC is like a stone across the face of this sudden hero after he kept to stone people who lost skills. This time do not forget, you have teammates, to understand the opposite Tank output enough you die, this time you want to do is pay attention to the movements of the opposite ADC, from across the control output to find opportunities across the DPS. Do not blindly out the loading area to heap output device, a qualified ADC are an essential survival equipment, did not survive what about output? Do not be too waves, after the late group off each other, do not go alone Iraqis residual blood line to the danger of the place, or the case in the absence of vision to fight the dragon or the opposite Buff, to prevent being caught dead. Because time will be resurrected after death late getting longer and longer, and less chance of a person is a great comeback, so this time to go home supplement blood and equipped, ready for the next group fights it.


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