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Fnatic Rick LD Wins LCS Champion


    Amidst concern Europe playoff contention 3,4 names, EG rolling in the first field of the potential to beat the GG, head start. After the first game, in closeup, we can clearly see, Froggen arm around four teammates, said: "Come on! We need to win a game!" However, experienced GG With Diamond and Alex's excellent play achieved a victory in the second race.


    In the deciding game, Froggen got the card - although the latter has several excellent operating almost to reverse the situation, but unfortunately he did not help his teammates really early build too many advantages, this 500 knife card also difficult Guards. In contrast GG, Shen meat may not work, Diamond Jianmo already playing collapse across the playing field princes, plus Alex's god play dead brother, GG finally achieved victory, won the last one S3, Europe tickets.


    In the final final, although LD ranked first in the regular season, but the lack of competition and BO5 experience they eventually lost by a ratio of three seasoned Fnatic, runner-up. It is worth mentioning that, Fnatic has now arranged the LCS European spring and summer league champions, replacing GambitGaming become a new generation of "European hegemony."


    Now, on behalf of the European team to participate S3: LD, Fnatic, Gambit Gaming.

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