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Foreign Media Comment OMG Ruled China In Asia


    LOL gradually warming in Europe at the same time, they are also concerned about the changes in the Asian session LOL. Let's take a look at July 12 lolesports described Asian LOL.


    The birth of a new king OMG

    Last year, WE clan ruled China's LOL occupational circles, the only question is whether the IG and the rival clan WE together into S2 World Championship. However, in June 23, WE League professional league team in the spring season with 1-2 lost IG, ranked only fourth. In the just concluded Stars War 8, the IG lost again failed to enter the semifinals.


    Now, WE can obtain a regional qualifying teams have been a problem. WE players who work very hard to adapt to S3 in play, but the competition is unusual S3 cruel.


    Today, the three letters dominate the Chinese (whenever they are shouting match when the audience): OMG. OMG team at LPL spring season and Stars War 8 on both won the championship. WE may ignore premature, but you can say OMG has hand Caosheng Quan.


    KeSPA behind League of Legends

    On the other hand, South Korea's LOL development reached a significant milestone. Korea e-Sports Association - advocates Korea StarCraft 2 officially announced that it will fully support the League as the development of e-sports. Subsequently, the South Korean Jin Air airline (KeSPA's Team 8 Team sponsor) announced the establishment of fraternal clan LOL Green Wings Stealth and Green Wings Falcons.


    This two teams are the current favorites to win the 6 ONG team, former ESG team and HGD clan. So far, the former Blaze team captain Reapered clan outstanding performance in the Falcons (2-0 defeat Xenics Storm), Stealth is very unfortunate first game in the summer season they suffered a CJ Blaze. Blaze in the spring race winning streak 13 games until the finals MVP Ozone is the end, but the Stealth is not their opponents, Blaze the advantages to repressive 2-0.


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