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Founder LOL Tournament Website GGS Help Two Chinese Students Come To The Famous University Study


    This is a story of entrepreneurship, games, gaming industry is developing, where everywhere have the opportunity, to see if you have the opportunity to discover the eye, and the ability to grasp the opportunity.


    Hong Kong media said the video games are often considered to be a waste of time pastime, but two Chinese students recently overturned this view, they create a game site to help them enter the United States two schools.


    According to Hong Kong, "South China Morning Post" Web site reported on July 12, was born in Argentina, his family from China Guangdong Carlos Xu and from Shanxi Bill Rowe recently returned from Vancouver's St. George's high school graduation. Year and a half ago, the two of them created the GGS competition website. This site claiming to be "all levels class players can learn new skills and award-winning platform," which will host popular computer game "Heroes Union" of the game. The site currently has more than 1,000 registered users, and also by three advertising revenue.


    Reported that the performance of these two students' entrepreneurial university admissions officers to impress, so two students now have separately entered Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania study.


    They are in high school sophomore sprouted the idea to create such a website for. At that time, when the lunch break, the school hall will be "packed with holding laptop computer gamers."


    GGS like this game there are many game platform, which is also known as "e-sports." In the e-sports competitions, players combined to expand the competition to win honors and sponsorship winner winnings have exceeded $ 100,000. Game tournaments in Asia, especially popular these days, there are more than 800 million people watched the 2012 a "Heroes Union" contest finals.


    Although Xu Luo now wants more focus on university studies, but they are still preparing the site gone out of existence and development of the site with confidence.


    Xu said, "online contest industry is booming, and increasingly attracted gamers and non-gamers attention", "a lot of online data have shown that the development of computer games entertainment industry will be more than almost all other products, which makes us the site more confident. "

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