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How Influential about League of League S3 World Finals In The End


    Enthusiastic audience onto the pitch, they are loyal fans of LOL

    " Finals tickets already sold out online, pricing is 30-50 dollars, and now actually Scoop $ 2,000 one! Really incredible." You know, a Lakers home game will fare best location $ 2,000 down, no wonder the American uncle (S3 finals staff ) Tencent interview with reporters in the face, a look of excitement.


    October 5, in Los Angeles Staples Stadium, tens of thousands of spectators will match the audience cheered. And usually do not like is to accept their cheering the players are not the Lakers or the Clippers, but a group of young people aged 20 up and down, from China and South Korea SKT1 royal clan clan fighting for championship honors.


    During the past month, League of Legends S3 World Finals caused great concern to watch more than 3,000 million people, worldwide more than 200 live and media reports, the domestic media live coverage to the United States, rather there are NBA Finals atmosphere. In fact, in the eyes of many fans LOL, these clan 's star is more popular than Kobe Paul.


     Play eSports you can really get a green card? In the end what kind of talent for playing gaming? Whether playing games in Internet cafes are also considered eSports?

    Defeated South Korea can earn 2 million bonus UZI: game changed my life

    The middle one is: UZI


    If not for electronic games, the 16- year-old chubby pier may have to face a thick homework for the entrance of the single-plank bridge and hard reading, because from time to time for the body to be teased. And now, because the game play a good hand, has become the idol of countless gaming fans, and even many adults.


    Jane proud ( Game ID: UZI), the man from Yichang, Hubei little boy as young as 16 years old, is the October 5 while preparing for the finals, if they can win the final of the championship, he will receive nearly 200 million yuan bonuses, such figures a few years ago was unthinkable.


    It is understood that the total prize finals S3 has been raised to $ 8,000,000, champion prize is $ 1 million. In accordance with the allocation of the clan, if the royal family can win, Jane proud to get around one million yuan in prize money ; and in order to encourage club competition, royal boss out of a possible history of the Chinese eSports maximum amount of club bonus if eventually won, team players will each receive a cash reward of one million. Double award pronged, if the Korean won, little Jane will get life by far the biggest wealth.


    2 million yuan bonus for Li, Ding Junhui is such a professional athlete, nothing big, but for such a power running UZI hand, it is definitely an unimaginable fortune. Chinese eSports development regularization late, club management, player benefits, the domestic league can not be compared with South Korea, the domestic players in terms of salary, such as IG, WE, royal, PE and other frontline club members about wages generally in 5000-6000, the best performance of the players pay no more than 10,000, but the number of these so-called paid players in the domestic gaming insiders are also considered rare.


    Jane proud to be a lucky guy, to its own strength in this circle to get a decent income, or even play international competitions to win huge bonuses. In his own words: " the game has changed my life! "


    " And all the little friends to play the game as opposed to parents will start, but my parents, though not opposed to, support can not be considered too much support, in fact, quite tangled. Most important thing is I do what I like to do things, they are now thinking is slowly changing. sometimes often see me use the computer at home watching the game live, not beef cattle? ha ha ha. " Jane cuddly looks too proud smile, childish.


    Little Jane also understands gaming is not a long-term solution, but also a short career unavoidable issue. "For us dianjing hand, the increasing age affects our brain reflects, electronic items and very competitive class with hand and brain need 1 lot of things can happen within seconds, the same role in the operation of a two people comparable level, grade three or four months older than me who obviously did not feel I reflect fast. myself compared to last year, reflecting the state of speaking from the brain, and sometimes did not feel the original fast. "


     About the future, the 16- year-old was no idea that his goal for the rest of the 5th final, the face of strong South Korean rival, has been a lot of friends as " the world's first ADC (lol role )." Sports, he must learn to face the enemy --- pressure.

    Play a good game can get a U.S. green card   |   Joker: This is a daydream


    Shortly before the media reports, the U.S. government formally adopted, League of Legends ( also known as the domestic LOL) game was officially approved as a professional player American professional athletes, professional athletes in China, for example, once they have the opportunity to join the American League of Legends Team they can get work visas American professional athletes to obtain a green card, their immediate family members can also get the same status.


    This news also sparked a heated debate, "a good play games, fight into the American " became a hot topic. JOKER ( famous eSports commentary, WE clan coaches ) says that a denial that by playing the game to get a U.S. green card can be directly shattered dreams. " Here I am going through a media platform Tencent rumor, this is the media misinformation, correct to say that the United States government to give U.S. visa, as the visa is valid for many years, and from the United States many times have no specific parameters, there is no official document, visa and green card definition difference with the galaxy, do not be confused. "


    As to get an American visa and are separated by thousands of miles to get a U.S. green card, like from an ordinary gaming players promoted to the professional players, but also a very cruel way. For teenage boys, joining the professional team sports than through traditional exams to enter university, a lot harder.


    "To be honest, this circle no threshold, in China, in recent years the popularity of electronic games very fast, go to Internet cafes or university you look, now playing online games is really no more than before, but playing dianjing everywhere. "JOKER while preparing the League of Legends finals side responded with explanatory material.


    In JOKER eyes, who will play a lot of gaming, but want to play for fun is the need to physically fine talent. "Speaking of talent I have to go up on the sports association, you say that traditional sports basketball football player, Bryant Macy silly they practice hard every day to practice alone would not have today's achievements, electric campaign hand as well." At this time JOKER suddenly put down the work at hand, the grave of the author, said, " in my eyes, gaming is indeed a sport, and chess, chess puzzle movements, there resourcefulness competitive."


    "And there is the most important point, most people have a traditional sports sports school, the coach, according to each person's strengths and preferences orientation training, in short, was tubes, but the power running hand does not, want from " Player " promotion the " pros " before they can pay through their talent and put an eSports game play to the extreme, saying that white is hot topic invincible hand in a server where fame, will have a team to contact you, prior to that they can only learn through their own video game, no one will go and you can go only one way, but also a very cruel way, I am in this circle battles 10 years. 've seen too many people fall in the way. " Talking about eSports road to success, JOKER somewhat helpless.


    Remember: you want to make a career on electronic games, and three hundred and sixty in any line, requires great effort. ESports risk, entrants need to be cautious.


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