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How Popular is League of Legends


    how popular is League of Legends? On September 7 to 8 hero alliance anniversary celebration carnival outfield, scalpers who are surrounded by a gaming enthusiast, I hope buying the gift boxes in his hands, while the latter would not budge ; while including field exciting battle scene, in addition to young faces, and some middle-aged couple have actually come together, there are also many foreign students ; even reporters in the lobby, front desk staff can hear the rest of the techniques discussed in League of Legends tactical problems.


    Why League so fire? "Heroes Union is more like a Chinese e-sports industry's pioneers, it is to create a good environment and atmosphere eSports, " Tencent Interactive Entertainment Distribution Line Assistant General Manager Yang Ming said, " We even hand power running game etiquette cultured conscious. "


    Indeed, the development of gaming industry is good or not depends on the game itself, highly competitive game will attract a large number of players. WE clan world champion captain pointed out the game if the wind icing on the cake, he can be considered from the early 2011 's few cares, and now over 70 million registered users worldwide, with innovative games to develop skills regarding Rune, skin and other heroes personalized micro- transaction platform League is confirmed a process from scratch, and has become a worldwide epidemic eSports products.


    In addition to the game development process of innovation, the real heroes of the Alliance have developed rapidly due to its maker game as a self- hematopoietic function. In the past, relying on keyboard, mouse and other peripherals manufacturer sponsorship of the era, the promotion and development of a game often do not have the initiative, the biggest reason is subject to capital constraints, there is little competition can do, which directly affects the career dianjing hand to survive. The League of Legends as a self profitable gaming products, have plenty of money into the market every year thousands of line game to go, not only to create a great basis for a wide range of gaming atmosphere, peripherals sponsor 's status from the capital control of them into partners. At the same time, all levels of competition, and capital increases, bonus players must make the surge. In this year's world finals S3 for example, the total prize money of up to one million U.S. dollars, while the prize money will account for half of the winning team.


    In traditional sports, there are many high degree of professional projects, such as soccer, basketball, tennis and so on. League this year 's " big sports " strategy, it is to these traditional professional events a process of learning, the event system, players echelon training on both the complete architecture. League of Legends tournament system includes both high-end gaming programs, but also covers the whole gaming plan. The former professional players in order to maximize exposure for the purpose of the latter is to train more gaming enthusiasts base, digging outstanding talent as a fundamental eSports. It is particularly worth mentioning is that imitate NBA All- Star Game and the birth of ALL STAR Cyber Games, this year attracted ESPN's broadcast, and domestic ratings is close to some Premier League matches. League of Legends and also consistent with their annual traditional event theme integration. Combined with "Hero, go beyond" the annual theme, will be held in October hero alliance with Beijing International Marathon held gaming elements covering ultra-running marathon. Yang Ming spoke: "Everyone can do their own heroes, need to constantly go beyond the self, while the marathon sprint point is the best interpretation of the theme for this year."


    Many games are often associated with the demise of the merchandise related to personnel training. League of Legends in the development process are also aware of this problem, a star incubator program in the top tournament, every season, professional players can get 50,000 yuan wages. In addition, the League and the professional game alliance, players move on, to impose the maximum security interests, and create a fair and transparent environment, eSports Club is specifically responsible for the construction of talent team. For example Champion Clubs WE, now has the third echelon.


    E-sports is based on the game, but unlike the game, it is more emphasis on entertainment rather than competition, is the need to produce even a championship winner athletic competition. "We hope more people will realize that this is a positive, beneficial to physical and mental development of the project, reversing everyone eSports misunderstanding, for which we also want to do more things." Yang Ming said. In Yang Ming seems as Game is a responsibility back to society, like a hero league carnival organized and public competitions, both for gamers, mass society or on the manufacturer itself is a very meaningful thing.


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