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How To Assess The Fighting Value of League of Legends


    Fighting assessment of the value:

    First, the battle will lead you to death.

    Such conduct did not win grasp 1V1 or 2V2, even 1VN, then you should not be fighting this uneconomical.

    Second, you can not effectively kill opponents.

    For example, you squat five minutes bushes last opponent to escape, or not to push the tower, to get BUFF, kill dragons and other important goals Baron meaningless for the purpose of fighting, are to be avoided.

    Thirdly, no towers will make you lose the battle.

    For example you five people do not kill the enemy turned down the towers while the opponent has a grasp of people attacking you or a soldier square towers proficient line, then you'd better give up unnecessary on hold. Or the other party to obtain an advantage, wild group fights your team than their opponents, if your team has insisted that the group fights and die for the initiative to surrender no difference.

    Fourth, the pursuit of the enemy deep behind enemy lines, or catch a few people completely regardless of residual blood opponent hit someone behind you.

    Often the case that people did not chase the opponent's dead, your people are killed off. I would like him thinking, league of legends of the game is not only a technical competition, but also the wisdom of competition.

    How to assess the value of fighting

    First, your cooldown yet?

    Some key skills, such as the king pretty big move, A Wood's big move, a stone 's big move and so on. If your big move in the cooling medium, try to avoid fighting.

    Some can be life-saving skills or summoner skills. Such as ghost step, flash and so on. Make the Dead is not your battle decisions are usually not very rational.

    Second, the terrain advantage?

    When you meet wild huntress, clowns, etc. bushes hero Timo numerous wild area in the bushes, and their combat becomes unwieldy.

    When you meet Dema West hooligans, early on in the right line, and their strong play unwise choice.

    When you are not sure whether there is grass ambush, or whether there is an ambush Nakano also rushed regardless of whether we should say your blood is good or no brain good?

    When you choose a crackling hero, not on the tank you eat Coushang skills?

    Or the opposite melee more and more remote and you, and you also to choose a small corner or any other place is not conducive to distance fighting.

    Similar these circumstances, please use the brain think before you decide.

    Third, you have the advantage of your team?

    If your team has a good ganker, why not consider early on for some small -scale fighting it?

    If your team is obviously not as good as other equipment, or playing opposite Baron, why did you have to go and fight it head- rivals?

    Your team has an advantage in the time, why be meaningless catch people rather than hold together to fight the dragon, playing Baron, push the tower?

    When the opponent was pushing the tower, and you wipe out the enemy and no grasp of the other, why not go home defense?

    When the opponent super soldiers poured into the house when you go out why chase that one, two residual blood to escape?

    Fourth, you need to predict.

    Many directional anticipation skills you need, please estimate the opponent's moving direction and moving speed, not innocently toward the place where he is now put skills.

    Chase fleeing opponents who expect his direction and speed, if they can catch up to consider the use of flash or ghost step ahead of interception or skills, if catch decisively to give up, but not always followed his ass back to escort him home.

    Fifth, the opponent's skill usage.

    Weakness, ignite, or some hero skills are very easy to use anti- killing skills.

    Please pay attention to the opponent's skills to use, rather than sudden, you chase the enemy tower A Wood catch a big move he was then tied tower killed this joke.

    A successful anti- kill is likely to lead the enemy's morale rose or you lose some important BUFF even lose a towers, and all this you and your teammates active failures caused.

    Sixth, vision control.

    Why do you fight the dragon or baron every time without success, why opponents will always ambush in your planned route, and why do you have every gank opponents escape?

    So many only indicate a problem, the opponent controls vision.

    How to control the field at the same time anti- control? There is a simple props can provide you great help, and that is true, as the syrup.

    True Sight potions can help you find the enemy's eyes, the enemy's stealth props ( such as Timo mushrooms, clown box ), has been followed by your invisible opponents ( such as widows, mice ).

    As a high-end board out of a prop, if you can in the game with a good eye, flexible good use of this 400 dollar props, you will find the game to win so easily.

    Opponents never fight in your field of vision to understand the opponent's every action is a victory opened the door to the master key.

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