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How To Design Dragon Class Hero In The End


    Fist designer again on the hero's image design and the players to start the great debate, the topic of discussion today is - League of dragon in the end should be what kind of?


    Tips: This discussion is only based on the assumption, based on the heroic alliance against dragons or dragon-related biological research. The study includes modeling and gaming experience. This discussion can not be considered as a hero Dragon fist will create new commitments.


    A player first suggested, adding a new named "Dragon," the hero, Huanglong is a very Chinese style mythology, representing the earth, Japanese RPG true. Megami Tensei several times debut. In fact, the current League lacking in Chinese wind strong hero, the Monkey King is one of them.


    In this regard, fist designer said, in fact, they do very little in the game with the earth element as a heroic theme, looking ahead probably only a stone man, this aspect there is still much room for development. In addition he also believes that an AO Virginia entirely from non-human hero would be a cool idea.


    While another player has put forward a "storm dragon" concept, he envisaged a hero, when in a selection of different skills allow him to obtain the corresponding form, he is a melee hero, if the player chooses first upgrade Q , then his attack range increases, the first upgrade W, the moving speed becomes faster, the first upgrade E then let the hero gets bigger and hurt more. The big move will change the effect with different forms.


    Designers think this idea is very good, I feel like into the game later also from the three heroes to pick and choose. Although he is a very potential hero, but after all the artistic resources will consume exponentially, and in balance is also very difficult to control. This change will give players the idea of ​​heroic forms bring a lot of freshness, especially when different forms of play can bring change.


    There are also players that perhaps should be added to a "will grow," the dragon hero, an analogy, a hero is a lovely also with eggshell Drake, 6 when the shell completely off, 11 larger and wings, to the 16 dragons grow into adulthood, and moved by the crawling into flight.


    Designers then say so designed by a team of artists who have the final say, in fact, many of the league heroes can be modified in accordance with this idea, of course, this will be a huge project. In fact better than making an ultimate skin needs more work. Perhaps this concept and Kazi Ke-style upgrade put together will have a good effect.


    For the player's "Dragon Time" idea, designer then exclaimed, "wow, really willing to someday make another hero can manipulate time, but I had actually never contact him and dragons together, so it seems they do have a lot in common - a powerful magical abilities, exist in ancient times, so beyond all mortal. "


    LOL Heroes great debate: Long class hero in the end should be how to design?


    If there is a player wishes to introduce new dragon hero, preferably agile "mini-dragon", but also have features that people do not just like De Yueer entire race are dwarf. Designer called agile small stature together with a strong ability to put dragon who is a very special setting, in fact, a hero league, in addition to De Yueer people, there are a lot of little Owen, such as Fez and Anne , but there have been no similar non-humanoid creatures. Maybe mini dragon can act as Master or assassin (fraudsters style, like Fez and clowns like).


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