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Interview Tabe After League of Legends S3 Finals


    Moderator : Tabe, your interview on stage with good results, we are conducting a cool interview with it. I want to talk about the significance of this victory, because I had heard rumors that in order to enter the group stage OMG deliberately lost to you, and you just beat the OMG, so you think this proves that you do have the strength of victory OMG do?


    Tabe: First of all, I want to thank SKT and we practice together, they are every day, every game we play regarded collapse, so we improved a lot through the practice session. I want to say... how do I say, I just think we played better today than OMG, OMG I still think is one of the world's best teams.


    Moderator: Now that you mention and SKT 's practice sessions, you said you beat the collapse SKT What does it mean?


    Tabe: We SKT agreed not disclose the details of practice sessions.


    Moderator : Can you talk about how they beat you collapse it?


    Tabe: they are regarded every line we hit the collapse, including the most powerful royal family under the road, GG.


    Moderator: Even the most powerful under the road? I think you're humble bar. If you can beat Fnatic and SKT to qualify, then it is likely to encounter SKT, SKT you think you can beat it?


    Tabe: We first have to face Fnatic. Because we come early, we played a lot of practice sessions - and probably played between Fnatic 6-9 games, but I think they are not doing practice sessions, they do not want us to know their secrets. So I'm going to look at them and C9 of the game, and then find their secret - I need to examine their own.


    Moderator: If you beat Fnatic, you want to play the final and SKT do?


    Tabe: Our goal now is to defeat Fnatic.


    Moderator : Do you think that is how you beat the OMG?


    Tabe: Frankly, my performance is poor. I killed the same way twice, I think they are a bit against to me. But I am very open group resolutely confident, put a good big move, so to help the team win.


    Moderator: Who do you think Carry the team?


    Tabe: I think... first of all it is a five-man race, everyone doing well, but if you must choose one to play the best, I think it was... uh... Uzi.


    Moderator : Doublelift recently said he believes Uzi is great ADC, you think this is the reason do you win? Do you think the same as the Uzi is like a world-class ADC Pray do?


    Tabe: We played a lot of games and NJS practice game, frankly, I think Pray without Uzi play well. But I think the piglet is very powerful ADC, but more importantly, I feel worse than I do PoohManDu ; no matter how, I do not want to fight and SKT.


    Moderator : Can you talk about your things ready S3 ready to retire it?


    Tabe: Indeed. If we have just lost OMG, that would be my last game of his career.


    Moderator: Do you think this has inspired you play any better?


    Tabe: Of course, the ranks Everyone knows I want to retire. But I and Uzi, White good relationship, even if I retire, I will when the royal coach or analyst.


    Moderator : Now you played well, you begin to focus on European and American audiences, why consider retiring?


    Tabe: do you want me to tell the truth? ( Yes ) the fact that professional players salary is too low, my month's salary is about 6,000 yuan. I just want to be able to use my ability... or... my popularity, to earn some extra. For example, do some video commentary, which is the reason why I want to retire.


    Moderator : We all know that some players such as edward joined the curse, locodoco join CLG, would you consider going to do in North America LCS ranks auxiliary What?


    Tabe: I do not know... Even if they give me a good treatment, I do not want to leave Uzi, because I really like... love him, because I am now 22 years old, he was 16 years old, and I like his big brother. We sleep together, eat together, but we do not have a bath together. If I have to come to the U.S., I think I will not do players, I will do the coach and the like.


    Moderator: I heard that you are about to get married?


    Tabe: Yes. Besides, I do not want to Uzi become rivals, win or lose, I just do not want to Uzi become rivals. I have a steady girlfriend, about three years. She is my understanding to the mainland first woman, and I chased after her 1-year, finally together, I love her. If we have to come to America, I want to take her. So I went back to China, if I had more money, then - you know as a man can not live without money, otherwise lover will suffer - I'll get married. She always said, even if you have no money, she would marry me, but I still think that if a man can not make a woman too poor to live a good life, I would be happy.


    Moderator : So you play hard also part of the reason is because I wanted to win the prize and then asked her to marry?


    Tabe: But these were not enough, I still have more work.


    Moderator: If you took the first, you make money, you will marry you


    Tabe: I still do not want to consider these, we have to beat Fnatic first, we have to return to reality.


    Moderator : Do you want to say something fans do? After the last interview, we are very fond royal clan and you.


    Tabe: I'm sorry my English is not so good that it should always stop to think what to say, that what words.


    Moderator: But it seems you are smart, you will be thinking. Some LCS team would not have done, such as Doublelift.


    Tabe: No, I like him very much. He and I will be talking in the background. I would like to thank the fans for their support, because I know our club is always the lowest popularity, even in China, so I thank you very much. Because people online discussions, he often would say, OMG win ! Defeated royal ! I am glad to have the audience holding a sign to support us, thank you very much. Second, Los Angeles is very good, I love Los Angeles.


    Moderator: You can come back to coaching.


    Tabe: this thing to say it, because here the taxi is too expensive.


    Moderator: Los Angeles taxi is really too damn expensive. In fact, I SKT 's Imp chat before and when he said he liked In & Out Burger, you heard of In & Out Burger do?


    Tabe: Maybe, I do not know. Los Angeles is the best burgers eaten Burger King.


    Moderator: Well, in fact, Burger King is not very good, In & Out Burger better. Very pleased to interview you. Fnatic and look forward to your game.


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