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Inventory League Of Legends Heroes Of Crackling


    League of Legends is no shortage of tank-style power output, of course, no shortage of sell Meng lovely crispy hero. Crispy hero, is synonymous with life than thin paper, this kind of hero often has a high output, its also very fragile, can not afford too many injuries, became their common characteristics. Here, by the author to take stock of what League of Legends Top crackling hero.


    Eich's four skills brought her excellent ability to kite, dizziness, slow down, explore everything good vision. However, disadvantages are also obvious, as there is no way out of an ADC Eich fitted brace blood too much meat, and no displacement of skills, extremely high fear the outbreak of a hero. Once the enemy hero eyeing easily be set away. So this requires Eich in the wartime need someone to protect, and itself has an excellent walk. Remember, a safe location can guarantee Eich himself in the role of the wartime maximized.


    When the enemy hero enough meat, I can not even move a music Fran took the case to the other side, she was dangerous. Master The main output is undoubtedly rely on skills, and has a large output equipment supported music Fran naturally can not do very flesh. When the skill CD, music Fran is the most vulnerable time, and is happy to Fran higher mana inevitably flawed. In addition, very strong early music Fran, very late but were unable, at the same time, Le Fran role in the wartime and large. Nevertheless, the second person's pleasure, as well as anemia hero's nightmare, and many other little, let some players Fran endless love for music.


    In particular about the balanced Waluo Lan continent, good luck to her sister also has a natural weakness can not be ignored. Missing her escape skills, as ultra-high output, and vulnerable small physique, and often becomes the primary enemy hero kill targets. Fear onrush type hero luck sister, once stick, basically doomed fate, therefore, whether the regimental war time, or on the line, good luck sister needs to always pay attention to their walk, Because of the many features of luck sister she was destined to be that only firmly Zhan Zhuang team generated a ton of output, so a really good luck sister, the first task is to ensure their own in the battle to find a suitable location Zhan Zhuang output.


    Although there is a clear DEBUFF Evelyn escape skills, but could not escape the fate of crackling. She no displacement of skills in the output device after a very brittle. Despite the big move to provide shields, but longer CD, and can not be time for Evelyn to provide protection. At the same time, the skills of the release of Evelyn and very short distance, which resulted in her hand supporting her blood does not have enough to survive a long time, one can not stay away from the location of the battlefield damage output.


    Suo Na is a very weak hero. Mission wartime, Suo Na's main task is to identify the appropriate time release big move, then QWE skills, then thrown out on it. Because, Suo Na allied heroes can provide continuous fighting ability, so the installed auxiliary Suo Na, also tend to be an early kill. However, a competent auxiliary is to protect the ADC, allowed to grow up successfully, a team battles, ADC survival or survival than secondary or even more important. For Suo Na, the crispy since escape the fate, it is better to receive it, he might do in team fights like to create a greater role.

    As the designer says LOL balanced, balanced between all things exist. Despite Crispy hero, has a fragile physique, weak ability to escape, but their body is often also exist numerous glittering. They have high or the outbreak or has a comprehensive complementary skills, or has an indispensable role in wartime regiment, which is why, League of Legends can have diversity. Among the players before they can appreciate the different heroes, different positioning of the fun. Is called turnip greens all have love, when we choose high outbreak, also acquiesced to the characteristics of their crispy, is not it? I believe that through hard practice, every player will find their favorite hero.


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