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Inventory Of Several Cost Effective LOL Equipment


    LOL Today's S3 season is over most of the. In this season, this game gives us the most intuitive feeling is this: how to play this game? S3 can be described as the most earth-shaking changes. Not only a lot more heroes, but also added a lot of new equipment. This also led to a lot of players are struggling to cope updated version brings a sense of rhythm disorder. So in such experienced black cut-linked dilapidated Union and other versions, we look back since S3 high cost of the equipment. (The following equipment attributes begin with the latest version shall prevail, if you want to get more LOL IP check latest official activities).


    Following in alphabetical order.

    Speaking of S3 Guards equipment, you have to first mention Black Cleaver. Because armor mechanism changes, the group of people already started to discuss a variety of armor-piercing stream this version will not fire up, but most discussions of various AP penetration, after all, than the skill output, AP is the most . The fact is, however S3 AP almost completely weak, and a variety AD Master on stage. National service on a new version of S3 that afternoon black cut has not been harmonious, dark black cut alliance lasted a few days longer. On a single AD Master, Master of single AD, AD Master playing field and under the road dual AD Master. Then a group of people playing group than anyone else's black cut out much. Until the black cut property is weakened, it becomes the only fixed Less A passive, black cut party who have been convergence, but you still can see such as male knife, cut the party's black Poon haunt the crowd.


    Drink Xuejian has been the one in the previous popularity of the equipment, but no brain ADC were the first large drink blood out of the case or the first time. This is due to the weakening of S3 shoes for a while vampire scepter synthesis caused by revision. After a shoe S3 brings the movement speed is almost negligible, so the shoes out of fewer and fewer people. In the absence of popular hit vampire essence before the next channel ADC most current version will choose ten Guards inventory equipment inventory of inexpensive powerful current version + Ten Guards powerful inexpensive equipment * 2 fitted out to ensure their own Online capabilities and resilience. So for the first time to go home after Dolan added something root sword will usually synthetic vampire scepter. Plus drink Xuejian synthesis is relatively cheap, basic all ADC will choose it as the first large. Increased his fist until the synthesis costs, the location of drinking blood was gradually replaced by such endless and dilapidated. But until now, all ADC will also dilapidated and drink blood to choose between a vampire as their equipment. And many would still prefer a single physical medium drink Xuejian.


    Can be said that the rise is entirely due to the dilapidated fanatics, no brain in this heap of blood volume editions, this is the place Greenpaw appear dilapidated equipment for meat is a very heroic restraint equipment. Coupled with the fist on the dilapidated synthetic formulas updated so there is a stage LOL became dilapidated alliance. But because the update faster, national costume and did not experience this time - we saw the dilapidated already weakened after it. The fist of the original word is given - the best way to restrain dilapidated stacking armor. This is also the stage Langton Sunblaze more popular causes.


    S3 said it was not a bird shield major revision of the equipment. It appeared as early as S2, and now the birds only in the synthesis formulas, and shield bonuses there are subtle changes in it. So what makes him almost exclusively from an auxiliary equipment was out of the playing field becomes necessary install it? This is probably attributed to the weakening of S3 sparring wild, wild areas creeps getting worse makes playing field must be exclusive equipment was not subject to the wild killed, which improves the gank disguise risk. But rather a bird shield is a synthetic anti-smooth high cost equipment. So the playing field will be out of a fine soul stone or red claws and ran directly after a bird shield go. The most important is that this piece of equipment can not only improve the lot of their own properties, but also to give his teammates a shield to reduce the chance of killing by anti teammate. So that today most of the playing field would put it as the first large.


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