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Inventory Those Heroes Which Have Been Recycled Redo By Riot


    Weapon Master once said, the strongest weapon is not anything else, is the patch. In the hero league, Barbara patch generation is the generation of God, today we have to little inventory, these re-done was melted hero.


    Do so the model can be divided into heroes and skills redo redo some heroes are two aspects to be redone.


    Involving model redo a lot of heroes in this brief summary about the next: Apocalypse by Kalmar, cursed troll Bertrand del metal masters Maude Caesar, master card Drizzt, ocean disaster Planck, Promise Juggernaut easy to master, the daughter of Anne darkness, ice shooter Eichhorn, winter's Fury Joseph Chong-ni, saying good wheels late mother disappeared.


    Here we mainly talk about the many skills to be redone, the overall major changes to those heroes.

    Master Yi Promise Juggernaut

    Current protagonist, a long time ago, S2 season, Master Yi can be said that one of the heroes discouraging, because most of the time easy to master the role of team battles small enough to be ignored until the world's attention in a single clan M5 Alex on the IPL5 Using the AP Master Yi and scared to Heaven to win the five killed, bright burst line and the Friends of the eye of the world, but also so easy to master the original play!


    What followed was the emergence of a large number of the single easy to master, simple and crude farming methods and powerful military response to nausea and harvesting capacity. In particular, in the face of easy to master, if your team is not a strong control, then he is a beat to death a little strong, carrying a team of people can force blood back injury, the league seems that only he can do, these Master Yi ability to bring a new spring, a period of time that the election is to become non-ban heroes, so fist held company machetes AP addition to the attack only one easy to master the skills, but they cut move harmless and does not prevent him from becoming a regular in qualifying banned.


    And after the redo, AP Master Yi and alliances seem to say goodbye to the stage, changing to a new AD assassin back, while serving in the U.S. data statistical point of view, we find that after redo Master Yi suddenly boarded Ranking of the most popular hero, as redo how effective, but also take some time to assess.



    Weapon Master Jaques

    Generation to generation patch the best interpreters of God, the altar was a hero, passive AP and AD obtained from a large number of extra blood, the dodge system has not been removed, then had a league-high dodge, can Flash can play Halo can carry, dare all AD is known as the father of the hero, at the time a development Jax molded front, really is a play for all.


    After the fist company to remove a dodge property, Jia master also brutally crab, has turned into a pair of tepid way, in some games occasionally to see his shadow, but has no former glory.



    Goddess of War Xi Weier

    Dress, the player known as wheels mom, LOL the famous female urban management, demolition Tada people. The same was originally built one of the heroes dodge, dodge system in removing the occasion to get redone, original range of 425 to 500 appalling, but still be short of the ADC's it. All skills have been a lot of adjustments and improved, especially early outbreak is very considerable. Apart from the shortcomings of short-hand, other aspects are worth noting.


    There is also perhaps because the fist company dragged on, change the model of the reasons for the delay, the players their choice is not high.



    ZHAO Shun Nadu Explorer

    Ever national costume players pit father a hero in the eyes of one to burst the responsibility of the person chrysanthemum daisy Nadu Explorer letter famously called "trap array ambition, there are no dead students" in the not redo before, the majority of players will be the national costume students This sentence interpretation of the head.

    Redo, the powerful passive early in the game, there confer Explorer decent damage, but with a large percentage of strokes already hurt, in the late of pure meat can not be underestimated. As a result, redo after got the courage to develop new M5 Zhezhi tactics favored by the world's top teams in a variety of game shine.

    Up to now the various competitions and passers-inning, chrysanthemum letter is still a very common and quite satisfactory choice.


    Widowmaker Evelyn

    Speaking Zhao letter concerns a variety of events from S2 to friends who will never forget the time to create a set of M5 lineup, Zhao letter, widows, mouth plus Jie pull, various percentages of real injury and death after injury, so that this lineup has also been a lot of clan reference.


    As the league's premier gank-type hero, super early and stable long stealth stun gank let the widow has a high success rate, but also a lot of kill assists the return of blood, so that fist had slashed the knife, the dizziness was into gear after plummeting usage and winning, becoming one of the heroes discouraging. Redo later, it is not for the players to start promising, until the M5 in the development of the single ALEX single widow play, gank audience and ultra-high burst damage, leading the world while the widow and let the fist company has continuous cut her several knives, and now is playing with a transition from a single wild trend.



    The source of the plague Tucci

    Also because of changes to be redone stealth mechanisms hero, since S1 was cut in a variety of mice on the streets, in S2 is the playing field more positioning appears. W mice were originally the same as they are now E Poison Explosion deceleration skills, online belonging to vulnerable, while itself is a need to develop a remote output hero, was the only good point is probably caused by prolonged high stealth gank success rate and the previous high hurt.


    After the reaction was less redo, but in almost all of the ADC are cut turns in a circle, and a variety of new props, the mice are already successfully established itself as a strong popular ADC ranks in various competitions also often seen. Can be expected to weaken already far away from him.



    Judge angels Kyle

    And Jax as equipment from all kinds of attack to reap huge gains in the hero, the original passive to 30% of attack damage converted to spell damage, 15% spell damage into attack damage. Because passive too strong, direct hit back redo, Q skill increases the deceleration of the enemy, causing additional damage (now removed). In S2, be regarded as a single on popular hero, was in AD for the mainstream, has a good output; in S3, the emergence of the new props and team development into sight, and let her flourish, or well-known ALEX. S3 is hot for some time, the company also for its fist launched a new skin. Of course, when the skin is almost sold greet her brand is loved by Riot scalpel.



    Ominous edge Catalina

    Before the advent of the AP Master Yi, also has assists and kills refresh skills, with a strong ability to harvest the famous hero, when the S2 due to injury and is likely to be insufficient for, it is not on the table. After redo the test has become a very outbreak of hand speed type harvesting hero, a variety of exciting five highlights often have to kill her figure, which also had a non-ban-election period of time, ate several times after the relatively quiet. She also been redone and is widely circulated among the players, with her love to kill one of Galen.



    Galen power of Dema West

    National costume signboard pupils hero, Dema West representatives, all grass League masters. Where there is such an alliance Tip: Never randomly walked into an unknown bushes, otherwise you may have to face five enemy ambush or a Galen. Redo still see in the game after its appearance, but this does not prevent him from becoming the most popular heroes of the national dress. It is worth mentioning that, he served in the United States most recently occupied the king segmented winning top of the table for a long period of time.



    Apocalypse by Kalmar

    Large AO Virginia leaders, two major league level figures aunt, one of the national dress called fan mom. Once the most unpopular hero and the lowest winning queen bottom in the league prior to the change has the most unique six skills, out comes one of the heroes R skills, redo after positioning rather than closer to the Master Output original secondary. Skills outbreak on the skills and then made some adjustments and strengthened, but melted redone, still can not change her bench situation.


    Cursed Troll Bertrand del

    The same bench hero, downright redo, not just models and skills to make a change even backgrounds. Originally dedicated to tribal heroes suddenly become savage cunning king of trolls. New skills and visual effects, Cock wire moment becomes rich handsome, stick in hand combat flu hit more liberal. Redo really good after the performance is not too bad, the current utilization rate was flat, still to be developed.


    Wrath of Winter Joseph Chong-ni

    And trolls while redo hero, one of three sisters ice, national costume players donated their nickname pig sister, from the modeling point of view beneath the big boar is more like the protagonist. Signature move is waving flail for collision, redo after good response, still has a strong control, and increased ability to damage and tanks, it was once the United States serving aboard the first winning list, but service in the country in general still relatively rare.


    Involve significant changes to redo the hero, probably so much, please forgive me if something is missing in the to and fro several patches plus patch, many heroes have experienced ups and downs, from the bottom of the pit to climb the altar, and from the altar down to the pit bottom. Some heroes because of their skill set, has been undermined in a situation has never been strengthened; also some is has been strengthened, but never on the table; course, which also are part of the hero after the knife becomes too weak, Riot face ever since the company has BUFF back situation. At the high end of the game, many of the old hero has almost become popular, it becomes match entertainment hero, wait redo; On the other hand, a variety of new heroes and in constant launch team and are constantly developing new heroes play , and these heroes are basically in wait weakened.


    After reading all these, do you think this kind of balanced approach Riot reasonable? Do you think LOL models currently considered a relatively balanced game yet? Hand has a lot more to reinvent the old hero, and constantly introduce new hero necessary?

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