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Junior Class Introduced League of Legends Ranking System


    We advocate entertaining, but in a variety of exam pressure, True teacher can do this without a few.And China introduced a teaching management in popular online games League of Legends ranking system, so many students prefer online games especially excited, but also to individual parents puzzled.


    The end of September, the teacher to the class 50 students issued a " hero recruitment order" to pick out ten academic excellence, good student behavior as " chief." Each member of the team chief set themselves up to five people a group for group -type PK study. Monthly in order to carry out "League of Legends" qualifying, was awarded the " strongest king," " luxury platinum ", " unyielding silver " and other online games in the title rankings.


    In which a student is one of the chief, he said, after the formation of alliances, leagues team learning atmosphere, "Every day at noon I will draw half an hour to read the title or the crew to explain in English language cloze, according to the day after school the amount of teacher assignments appropriate changes in the amount of group work. "


    In order to better play the leading role, Houliang Chun also get rid of in the classroom, " interrupted " bad habits " must fight the AU team to get ' strongest king ' in the title."


    From the students you compete with the performance point of view, this provision seems to greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the students. However, some parents are holding worried about. Parents who lives Hao Shan Chen said, short-term perspective, this incentive initiatives allow children to focus on learning, but this approach also allows more in-depth the concept of online students' minds.


    In response, the teacher said, the class 50 students, 60% of all contact with the network game, the title of the online game ranking used in class management, to stimulate students' inner potential, such initiatives are not encouraging students to play online games, but also can be like telling them to learn to "play the game " generally fun. If you want gain more LOL news, is your best choice!

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