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Korea League of Legends S4 Finals Scale Could Break The Record


    In the fist official announcement S4 Finals held in Korea , immediately caused a sensation. Many industry insiders have said , S4 Finals scale will create a record of the history LOL . OGN English commentary , S3 World Finals expert commentary desk chief commentator MonteCristo in his Twitter said: " I want to hold S4 in Korea , then the finals day of the Seoul Olympic Stadium, it was filled properly properly ."


    It is reported that the Seoul Olympic Stadium for the 1986 Asian Games, the 1988 Olympic Games Venues , has a total of 69,000 seats , it worked in Korea for several major sports competitions , frontline singers club services. See here, some players might feel a bit exaggerated - eSports tournament attendance is really enough to fill a stadium at this level do ? It might be impossible in other places , but in Korea, it is absolutely possible to happen. Moreover, as early as in 2002, they held a larger tournament , according to the Korea official said the 2002 SPL interstellar final day , a total of 10 people arrived at the scene watching.


    Today, the company has not yet decided what fist venues S4 finals, but people in Korea style of doing things , they would surely finals S4 S3 than do large scale - S3 Finals held in venues at the NBA level , I S4 level in the Olympic stadium will hold . Furthermore, if S4 Finals will really held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium , then for gaming , it also has a special significance. After all, like the Asian Games have been held here , the Olympics and other traditional sports events , if gaming competitions are also held in the venue , then this will be the biggest eSports sure.


    Although S4 Finals we do not have much information can be revealed , however, believe it will be a must unprecedented, making history eSports event.


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