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Korea Shattered Worrying Group Stages at S3 Group Stage


    S3 Group Stage Analysis: South Korea shattered worrying group stages


    S3 group stage, end of next day, OMG team scored two wins for the group stages pad for the foundation. In contrast before the duo won the highest voice Korea SKT1 and SSO, merely made a 1-1 and 2-2 record.


    South Korea's "strength" has become the hottest topic.


    Europe's second win in the group SKT1 LD, there is a first in South Korea said the Faker Kerry single audience, SKT1 win quite easily. LD on a single stone and soy sauce in a single crow can say that the audience, in the face fox, blind monk and spiders so clever hero, it can be said SKT1 technically win the election and personal rivals.


    OMG's lost the battle, both sides have got the same satisfactory cosmetic.


    Faker barrel operation is also stunning the audience early on to get the 4-0-0 record, but into the mid-team battles, OMG's group fights amazing ability to make a global audience. SKT1 Kennan, a combination of face OMG Prince did not play a role. Faker a person difficult Guards.


    Group B SSO 2-2 record is also contrary to the majority of the audience's expectations. In defeat GMB game, SSO team's only ADC IMP reached a KDA, lost today's game Fnatic team KDA all SSO is less than 1, South Korea team to win instant voice suddenly vanished.


    SSO Looper two days on the performance of a single bench even be called quite satisfactory. Burst out of the news is positive selection on a single Homme or in jet lag. ADC Imp complaints on food and jet lag is also a great extent influenced the world's first VA play. Group stage there are four days, SSO and four group matches not undertaken, the group stage seems to have become the team by the South Korean teams problems.





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