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Korean eSports is Truly Universal Soldier by OGN Opening Ceremony


    November 15, 2013, South Korea LOL OGN winter season start. As Korea 's highest honor the professional game, OGN very first day of the grand opening ceremony, seems to want to prove in advance said before "S4 Finals opening ceremony of the Olympic Games opening ceremony inferior " remarks. LPL contrast domestic league, may wish to learn about Korean eSports some good things, so that China 's domestic competitions getting better.


    First,Lively atmosphere, public acceptance is high

    Opening scene packed, presenters and audience interaction is also very much in this league and domestic LPL very similar. In contrast, however, the atmosphere of Korean eSports clearly more active and intense.

    Before the first game is one of the highlights of the auxiliary TEAM NB hundreds of players in front of an audience of " Death Note " way " molested " Faker - will SKT1 two team members painted pictures in a notebook, and then when the audience's face eating this piece of paper, "provocative " meaning self-evident, and the audience saw also hooked.


    Players active in the field and the audience interaction is a lot of foreign gaming competitions common thing, and that the professional game in China seems rare. It can be seen not only in Korea will hand power running game as their career, but also in enjoying the game, this atmosphere also appears often in the NBA. It is obvious from these details, the Korean eSports cultural heritage is indeed ahead of other countries. These places can reflect a country eSports maturity and audience recognition. As explained TT said, the latest Korean iphone spokesperson Faker, visible eSports this emerging sport in South Korea, in recognition of the public how high.


    Second, coaches attention

    It is noteworthy that, in each teams presentation session, the coach 's name also appears in the introduction of the teams, which is the domestic LPL league do not have. I think this detail can not be overlooked. Coaching is a team sport of any one heart and soul lies. Any of a mature sports teams, will not underestimate the coach 's role in a team. However, each team on the domestic point of view, it seems that the vast majority of players just know WE coach is Joker, do not know all the rest, and the introduction of domestic competition for teams is almost no mention coach or data analyst and so on.


    South Korea introduced the practice of coaching professional in my opinion is the embodiment of the gaming level leader of expression. If China would like to further enhance e-sports, then this will be a link can not be ignored, not simply to introduce the coach in the game, but will be in peacetime training coach, a data analyst or even every professional critics who role to play as much as possible, to better enhance a team discipline and training effect.


    Third, the parents came to watch the battle

    Scene shot from time to time give to the families of some players. In fact, in Korea eSports competition, families come to the scene is a common thing. China 's LPL League seems to have had a family to watch the game live situation, but rarely. Parents see their children before the race, which is the child choose the profession 's recognition and support for the players is a great psychological boost.


    After all, this is public acceptance for gaming issues. In China there are still a lot of people think that e-sports is a proper job, pure entertainment game behavior, and not really aware of their occupational and physical properties. These also take a long time to publicize and changing, so that public acceptance of gaming truly become a recognized sport.


    From every point of view, the Korean electronic sports competitions is the closest to sporting events. I hope one day, electronic games can really become a sporting event on the Olympic stage.


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