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LCS Next Season Will Be Expanded To Ten Points Race Support System Itroduced OGN



    We are excited to officially announce that North America and Europe LCS League next season, the size of the team will be expanded to ten teams and we hope that this expanded scale can bring more talented players and a new stadium in North America and Europe feel for the game.



    Extended trials
    To find these new team, we will introduce a one-off event, the expansion of trials this time trials will be held after the World Finals, we will follow the order of the selection team in defeat teams will qualify for the race automatically enter the trials to gain an extra chance, we will determine the specific future date, qualifying race and the competition system and so on, but we hope that before we are turning their attention to the audience the World Finals are aware of the news.


    May be used in tournament points system
    We also want to announce a message that we're serious consideration to the introduction of LCS league tournament points system. Such a system will allow the Spring Race higher proportion than it is now, because every playoff game will let each branch teams get precious points. for this system we are more concerned about some things, especially because this is a new thing. We hope to match point system ensures that all the teams in the spring season and the summer season always pay all their efforts to qualify for the regional finals qualifiers and the world we now simulate this stage to find the ideal solution way, but also for the majority of players we opened the window to provide feedback and suggestions, please tell us you could use this system to have any idea.


    To sum up
    Since the LCS League next season there will be more teams, we will be on the competition system and some policy adjustments, the specific content will be announced after the World Finals With the approaching World Finals, we will continue to announced for the 2015 season and to consider the idea.

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