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LOL 8.2 Will Face New Changes Gary Redo


    Scorpion E

    E is reduced over time slowing effect and scorpions bite and hold the overall gameplay is not met, it is more like a violent injury skills. We are testing a new version of the E skills slowing effect becomes continuous 40/45/50/55/60 for 3 seconds. This should be good.


    Also, we are doing some road testing, I will give you any report testing process!

    Gary redo

    Players can put Gary's proposed change to the anti-magic skills in the percentage of AP, so you can give Gary to design a new passive. Designers agree with this idea, replied:


    "You say I am testing this version, Gary percentage added to the anti-magic skills, so we will be able to design a new passive Gary, and let him play better when we started to design V3 .12 patch when we could be started this work, you will see on the testing services in the U.S., but I can not guarantee oh! "


    Thain redo

    Thain redo may be achieved in 2014-2015, because at present the biggest problem is Thain play does not fit. This allows him to redo work is very difficult. Let us give the shape and design of powerful skin it.


    Conclusion: the fist company is now actively to strengthen or redo unpopular old hero, loving these heroes Summoner who should feel gratified it. But I hope the company can make good fist modifications will not change too and then followed by a weakening of efforts to create a satisfying work assignment most people come. The Cheapest Elo Boost is here, We are looking forward to hearing from you, if it's because you want to buy elo boosting, buy some great lol coaching, have questions or if you just want to learn more about our guides, don't hesitate to contact us!


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