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LOL All Star break overview China still has a long way


    Three-day League (LOL) All-Star Game All projects have been formally ended the game. Team, South Korea won 2-0 victory over China; while the skills competition, South Korea also won the crown heroic (under the road, Nakano), the king of the middle and upper single respectively Whispering Southeast Toyz and Europe Soaz. Three days of the game is also wonderful surprise countless countless, let us be a team of the major summarize it:


    All-Star Game as the current out of the ranks of the first European defeat seems surprising, in fact, it is rational. In the first game against South Korea, the European playing field with Diamond's widow was established advantages, but South Korea smooth support and well-developed Ruiz played a successful band in the late game rhythm, but also laid the first game victory; second match European team returned naked, online is easily off the hook.


    Europe after World War II in Europe, while supporting rate has an overwhelming advantage, but the game play is the opposite. Alex and Diamond's weakness exposed, Yellowpete also became the current All-Star Game Most soy ADC players. Continuous pressure from Europe to North America, a loss, after losing the first game lose the second inning. Then, there is no then the.


    In fact, not only with the team's defeat in Europe, but also with players have a deep relationship with the degree. It is reported that the European team is divided into three batches of five players to reach Shanghai, the single-player sOAZ is almost not play because of visa problems, Friday before rushing to catch the plane. Therefore, the European team almost did not conduct any joint training, he was caught up to the battlefield.


    Fortunately, sOAZ race on a single skill outstanding performance by virtue of Dresser Erskine won a championship, but also became the skills race teams in Europe only child. South Korea All-Star team championship aspirations, the major strength of the compacted area. China failed to win though full of regret, but also a lesson for us, and this wake-up call came not too late! Good news is, S3 world championship time too early, the Chinese team and other teams still have enough time to prepare competition, greater progress; bad news is that to get an additional quota of Korea regions, in the strength of the current S3 will send three terrible teams, participate in the championship.


    All-Star Game from the current situation, South Korea> China> Southeast Asia> North America> Europe. South Korea is the absolute leader in T1, China in T2, Southeast Asia and North America, in T3, Europe rival, in T4. Of course, LOL no absolute supremacy on the stage, the strength of each team are changing.


    In Chinese team in the All-Star game performance, every player play are great, especially if the wind before being questioned and smiled have a brisk operation. After a battle with South Korea, the team hopes China can expand one's horizons, to learn even more innovative play, refresh and now ossified LOL game ecology. Today's failure to meet future triumph, Chinese team always makes us look forward!


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