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LOL Blind Monk Entry Level Kill Creeps Raiders


    Elegant audience, walk gank. LOL of the most elegant and wild than Smart Li Qing, and today it is like the blind monk entry-level players to bring a blind monk playing field Raiders.



    Personally think Rune is used to fight early, rather than with growth Rune, post double attributes, not as early haplotypes attribute to the cost, pre-If all play well, then what late hit



    Fixed Attack 9

    (Have now tried four armor penetration plus five attacks, but not as good as all the damage that hit a high attack, Li Qing can be said that one of the main heroes of the output by skill, skill damage bonus based ad, pre-blind Q 8% of the damage is very high, with 9 fixed attack will become more wounding Li Qing q)



    Fixed Armor 9

    (This is nothing to say, tried other programs, no way to win, if replaced by other attributes, armor would be less)



    Fixed magic resistance 8 + Fixed attack a

    (This is a trick that most LOL players are aware, of course, the novice is a different matter. Posts written see here will feel relatively thin, it is altogether a little thin. Abandon a blue plaid Rune attacks, then brought up , attack power will be high 1:00, and magic resistance will be less. personally like a little more attack power distribution, Li Qing is a very strong pre-hero a little extra attack power will make you more smoothly early Nakano)



    At the next opportunity, then sent to, (I mean, if the fire out? Will you say spectators? Haha) Simply put, do not point out the critical strike damage bonus crit damage and attack speed increase after percent. Then cut between the cooling and processing Gongsu I chose to give up all, first, strange and full of creeps damage points against injury. 4% attack speed bonus if there is a passive Li Qing is the effect really is very obvious. Less cool, then I also think so.


    Equipment recommended:

    God installed:

    Egg knife, ice hammer (comes with red buff wood there?) Bird shield or Legion, Blue Shield, inspired, as the case of shoes

    Such blind, whether it is early or late, injuries are impressive, the latter rely on egg knife real damage. Ice Hammer egg knife, used to fight back, then across perfectly adequate. Playing in the front row, then · · · I can only say, my mind not sick, I just hit the back, front or to protect us.


    Fitted out:

    Playing field knife +5 red


    Egg Bird shield or Army knife +

    In the late:

    Egg Bird shield or Army knife + Blue Shield

    Attire is not fixed, said here just a set of individuals considered to be more standard "Li Qing costumes," individuals also liked to drink Modao this piece of equipment, all in all, the equipment is dead, people are living out what equipment Look situation.


    Buff choice:

    I usually like to play blind red open, whether I was in the red square blue square. Again, very strong early Qing Li, accompanied by a strong talent with runes substitute with red Daddy, can be said that the opposition area tyranny can even say that the opposite is my Nakano Nakano. Of course, in the case of teammate support will make the opposite Nakano Nakano into its own. Red open this habit is one of my enemy repulsed by chance two separate three heroes (on a single, playing field, the single) develop after the. Specifically not elaborate, I went against the surface is probably wild, want to come across an individual holding me, and then I hit one glorious deeds flashed on foot.


    gank routes:

    Generally my first gank will not be under the road, if the red buff near adc this road, kick buff I'll grab the middle for three reasons:


    1: do not go out with the single general eye.

    2: Even if the middle band of the eye, the middle point is a lot of grip, six angles. Temporarily not figure, next reissue gank route.

    3: Road damage is high, and took control skills ap lot, gank success rate.

    4: LOL rely on the output before the mid-single with ap, due to the pressure will make their own ap Road opposite the better off.

    5: Draw Road and take the double buff route does not conflict;


    The first gank does not give reasons under way are:

    1: Even if you are very quick to take over buff, or some auxiliary will for the first time under the road to plug in the eye, and you, not him fast.

    2: The next road there are two people, two people do not in the case of a group are all flashed (under the road almost all the segments are double flash) if you grab the opposite assisted under the protection is difficult to succeed . And, will expose your position as well as the route of the playing field. This time may put you across the playing field to steal another buff.


    Intimidation across the middle, get finished second buff, you can consider going to hit the road for a while squatting (although many people know three minutes when the road is the most dangerous time, generally not easily fight, however. Just in case, but You can also play wild squatting opposite the blind Nakano personally only virtual Udyr), or return to the middle, opposite the middle once again threatened. (In fact, if ap with their own control skills, then this is very easy to gank successful.) Then is to consider squatting under the road to the opposite will be the one


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