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LOL Cannon Mother E Skills Will Attach DOT Effect


    LOL Designer recent addition to modifying Ruiz, Weien, Lucian and other heroes, they began planning to modify Choi Si Tana it. Currently, E Choi Si Tana skills are passive and active double effect, but in an article discussing Choi Si Tana E technology, the designers have such thoughts:


    If the Choi Si Tana, E becomes a BUFF used to increase the damage the next attack it? That is, using the E after the next attack will attach DOT general effect. Designers also stressed the active skill reset Pugong absolutely no effect. He said Choi Si Tana explosiveness is already high, there is absolutely no reset Pugong effect.


    Such changes may cancel Choi Si Tana E passive skill effect. In fact, Choi Si Tana's E passive push soldiers in the early am really sad.


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